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Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

30.08.10: Commission plans communication 'revolution - 0 views

  • The European Commission's communication strategy is undergoing structural change in a re-branding centred on President José Manuel Barroso, increased centralisation of public communications, a new organisational chart and a key reshuffle of top officials, a person close to the matter told EurActiv.
  • 'Personalisation' of EU politics The credibility and the success of the EU project "can work only if the Commission is perceived as the EU's government". "We can achieve this by centreing our communication on the figure of the president," the person close to the matter told EurActiv, adding that the new strategy will be geared towards greater "personalisation".
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

08.09.10: Parliament wants media to 'better communicate' EU - 0 views

  • Better communication of EU affairs by public service broadcasters is key to bridging the gap between the European Union and its citizens, said the European Parliament yesterday (7 September), highlighting in particular the "huge potential" of social media to reach out to young people. 
  • While acknowledging the "immense potential" of social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach young people, MEPs warned that "their reliability as sources cannot always sufficiently be guaranteed," that they "cannot be considered to be professional media" and may "give rise to serious breaches of journalistic ethics". "Caution is required when taking up these new tools," the report declares, stressing "the importance of drawing up a code of ethics applicable to new media".
  • Other more controversial proposals survived, however: the Parliament advocated "incorporating the EU more fully into all educational curricula" and teaching in schools "courses in journalism using new media".
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  • The report "was initially meant to look at ways new media was changing journalism. However, it became a wish list for improving how MEPs and the EU institutions are reported in the media," complained the European Conservatives and Reformists group in a statement. The adopted report encourages member states to nominate "specialised European affairs officers" responsible for explaining the implications of EU policies on the ground.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

02.04.08: Brussels in new drive to seduce EU citizens - 0 views

  • The European Commission on Wednesday (2 April) presented a new plan aimed at increasing EU citizens' involvement in the decision-making process of the 27-nation bloc, as well as making it more popular.

    Dubbed "Debate Europe", the initiative is part of the commission's so-called Plan D – a concept put forward in 2005 to boost the EU's public image after the No votes to the EU constitution in France and the Netherlands.
  • "Debate Europe" will have a budget of €7.2 million which will be used to fund a number of civil society projects. It will, among other things, establish 'European public spaces', where exhibitions, debates, seminars and training sessions on EU matters will take place and involve EU officials in activities at regional and local levels in the different member states. The commission will also try and boost its "Debate Europe" website. Launched at the end of January, it has gathered some 12,000 posts by EU citizens so far – something Ms Wallstrom called a "big success". But in addition to its goal to involve citizens in decision-making, the EU is also still aiming to make itself more popular.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann - Top EU officials ask capitals to boost communication | EU - European Inf... - 0 views

  • In the aftermath of the Irish 'no' to the Lisbon Treaty, European institutions are yet again confronted with their failure to communicate the benefits of Europe with citizens, Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström and Parliament Vice President Alejo Vidal-Quadras told EurActiv on two separate occasions.
  • The Commission Vice President also stressed the role of new technologies. “In France, people suddenly realised the importance of the internet during the [French 2005] referendum. I'll keep talking about using the internet more, but traditional leaders are used to traditional channels."
    Note that the role of the Internet and citizen journalism as means to boost communication are highlighted.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

21.03.07: Why is Brussels so unloved? - 0 views

  • And today, surveys continue to show a lack of enthusiasm. A Financial Times poll of the five biggest EU states published on Monday (19 March) show that just 25 percent of those asked feel that life in their country had improved since it joined the EU, while 44 percent feel it has become worse.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

EU considers going virtual - 0 views

  • The European Union is looking into entering the virtual world and opening up an office in Second Life - an increasingly popular internet-based virtual world - which the Swedish government and the French presidential candidates have already entered.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

04.12.2006: Conference about EU Communication Policy - 0 views

  • News editors and experts from European, national and regional media will have their say about Vice-President Wallström's new Communication Strategy in a stakeholder conference in Helsinki next week.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

07.12.2006: Ergebnisse einer Konferenz zur EU-Öffentlichkeitsarbeit - 0 views

  • Ein neuer europaweiter TV-Sender sei keine Lösung. Außerdem müsse die Kommunikationspolitik der EU radikale Dezentralisierungsmaßnahmen durchführen und auf neue Technologien setzen. Dies sind die beiden wichtigsten Empfehlungen einer Konferenz in Helsinki am 4. und 5. Dezember 2006. 
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

01.10.2006: How can the EU communicate better? - 0 views

    The European Commission's consultation on its communication policy is a landmark event. No longer can the Commission be accused of being a remote, isolate bureaucracy. Its consultation was seeking opinions on how it should engage with the wider European p
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

01.10.2006: PR drive on EU enlargement - 0 views

    The European Commission is next month set to call upon EU leaders to launch a "major communication effort" on enlargement - but Brussels itself is struggling to find the right wording to convey the bloc's expansion more positively.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

12.10.2006. Neighbourhood policy in European Public Opinion - 0 views

    The Eurobarometer survey, published on 10 October 2006, showed that Europeans lack basic knowledge about the European Neighbourhood Policy and EU enlargement. Only 23% of Europeans know that the EU has 25 member states, while 52% thought the EU had fewer
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

EU Communication Policy | EurActiv - 0 views

  • Communicating with EU citizens has long been a primary concern of the European Commission, with the need to boost popular trust in the European project becoming more important following the rejection of the EU constitution by French and Dutch voters and more recently rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish.
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

15.02.10: Communicating Europe begins at home, says Reding - 0 views

  • After Commission President José Manuel Barroso decided to regroup communication with citizenship and considering the greater institutional overhaul sparked by the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, staffers felt increasingly nervous about the fate of the communication department. In her first internal speech, Reding dissipated doubts and bolstered spirits when she said on Friday that communication will remain a strategic priority for every department of the EU executive. "You are here to stay in order for the Commission to stay in the driver's seat," she reportedly said, adding that the communication directorate-general and the spokespersons' unit will remain the key providers of communication expertise and services to the whole college.
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