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Bonnie Sutton


Written by Stephen K. Peeples Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:30 KHTS News Brought To You By: After warning users for weeks that changes to its privacy policy were coming, today is the day Google ...


started by Bonnie Sutton on 12 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Social Media is Transforming the World - 0 views Social media is transforming the world! This is especially true in the Middle East where platf...

social media platforms Twitter YouTube google plus facebook

started by Bonnie Sutton on 26 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

The Great Tech War - 1 views ilbert Wong, the mayor of Cupertino, California, calls his city council to order. "...

tech wars google apple Facebook you tube Larry Page

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Claude Almansi

Google boycotte! - - 0 views

    "Rédaction en ligne

    Publié le 15/07 à 16h48

    Google a repris vendredi les hostilités contre des éditeurs de journaux en Belgique (dont Sudpresse), avec lesquels il est en conflit depuis 2006 à propos de son service Google Actualités, en cessant de référencer les sites de ces journaux sur son moteur de recherche principal. Une recherche effectuée vendredi avec les mots "Sudpresse" sur le célèbre moteur de recherche renvoie vers un article Wikipedia, mais plus vers votre site d'infos préféré. "
Claude Almansi

Giornali belgi contro Google: testo della decisione della Corte d'appello (Almansi vide... - 0 views

    "Pubblicato da Claude Almansi in data 30.07.11 10:06

    Nel 2006, Copiepresse, la società di gestione di diritti degli editori belgi di quotidinai francofoni e germanofoni, intentò un processo a Google per le brevi citazioni di Google News e per le versioni archiviate (in cache) linkate in Google Search. Il 5 maggio 2011, una decisione della Corte d'appello di Bruxelles confermava, con una lieve riformulazione, il giudizio del tribunale di prima istanza"
Claude Almansi

Google to Reindex Belgian Newspapers Amidst 'Boycott' Complaints | News & Opinion | PCM... - 0 views

    "Chloe Albanesius July 18, 2011
    "We are delighted that Copiepresse has given us assurances that we can re-include their sites in our Google search index without court-ordered penalties," Google said in a Monday statement. "We never wanted to take their sites out of our index, but we needed to respect a court order until Copiepresse acted. We remain open to working in collaboration with Copiepresse members in the future.""
Claude Almansi

Copiepresse - Société de gestion de droits des éditeurs de presse quotidienne... - 0 views

    " Historique et organisation
    Le 31 mars 2000, les éditeurs de presse quotidienne francophone et germanophone, regroupés au sein de la scrl Les Journaux Francophones Belges, ont créé la société civile sous forme de société coopérative Copiepresse. Elle est inscrite au Registre des Personnes Morales de Bruxelles et dispose du numéro de TVA 471 612 218. Elle a été agréée par les arrêtés ministériels des 14 février 2000 et 20 juin 2003 et est soumise à la supervision du Service de Contrôle des sociétés de gestion des droits du SPF Economie. "
Claude Almansi

Copiepresse - Page about Copiepresse v. Google - 0 views

    (nothing about the Appeal Court's May 5 2011 decision)





Claude Almansi - Google fait "disparaître" les journaux belges - 0 views

    "Mis en ligne le 16/07/2011
    Le groupe internet américain a supprimé les références aux quotidiens francophones. Une réaction brutale au litige avec les éditeurs. "
Claude Almansi

Google boycotte - - 0 views

    "Rédaction en ligne

    vendredi 15 juillet 2011, 19:55
    Et pas seulement : ce sont tous les sites de presse belge francophone qui ne sont plus référencés sur le moteur de recherche. "
Claude Almansi

Arrêt de la Cour d'appel de Bruxelles rendu dans l'affaire Copiepresse SAJ As... - 0 views

    Scribd photographic PDF of the Court decision
Claude Almansi

Copiepresse vs. Google - Digitale Allmend - 0 views

    "22. Juli 2011 von hartwig
    Nicht nur in der Schweiz wünschen Zeitungen, am finanziellen Erfolg von Google zu partizipieren. Sie stellen sich auf den Standpunkt, dass ihre hart erarbeiteten Inhalte Google zum finanziellen Erfolg verhelfen und darum mit einem Leistungsschutzrecht pauschal abgegolten werden müssen. Man kann das natürlich auch anders sehen: Googles hart erarbeitete Technologie ermöglicht den Zeitungsinhalten erst international wahrgenommen zu werden. Insofern müsste Google ein Leistungsschutzrecht beanspruchen, das mittels Pauschalabgaben der Zeitungen zu finanzieren ist …

    In Belgien hat dieser Widerspruch zu einer legalen Pirouette geführt. Copiepresse, ein Verband zur Wahrnehmung von Urheberrechten der Tagespresse, hat durchgesetzt, dass Google die Artikel des Verlags nicht mehr publizieren darf. Da diese nun von niemandem mehr gefunden werden, klagt er nun gegen den Boykott durch Google. Man wollte ja Google nicht am Publizieren der Links hindern, sondern nur dafür kassieren, dass sie publiziert werden."
Claude Almansi

Schaufenster ins Leistungsschutzrecht | Telepolis - 0 views

    "Peter Mühlbauer 19.07.2011
    Belgische Zeitungen, die ein Urteil erwirkten, dass Google ihre Texte nicht zitieren darf, beschweren sich nun über einen "Boykott" durch die Suchmaschine"
Claude Almansi

How Google Dominates Us by James Gleick | The New York Review of Books - 0 views

    How Google Dominates Us
    August 18, 2011
    James Gleick

    "This much is clear: We need to decide what we want from Google. If only we can make up our collective minds. Then we still might not get it.

    The company always says users can "opt out" of many of its forms of data collection, which is true, up to a point, for savvy computer users; and the company speaks of privacy in terms of "trade-offs," to which Vaidhyanathan objects:

    Privacy is not something that can be counted, divided, or "traded." It is not a substance or collection of data points. It's just a word that we clumsily use to stand in for a wide array of values and practices that influence how we manage our reputations in various contexts. There is no formula for assessing it: I can't give Google three of my privacy points in exchange for 10 percent better service.

    This seems right to me, if we add that privacy involves not just managing our reputation but protecting the inner life we may not want to share. In any case, we continue to make precisely the kinds of trades that Vaidhyanathan says are impossible. Do we want to be addressed as individuals or as neurons in the world brain? We get better search results and we see more appropriate advertising when we let Google know who we are. And we save a few keystrokes."
Claude Almansi

ATI: ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation (ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation) - 0 views

    "In the summer of 2010, Peter Mosinskis from CSU Channel Islands assembled a team of approximately fifteen volunteers from seven different CSU campuses and one from the UC system to evaluate the accessibility of Google Apps. The team also recruited student volunteers and screen reader users to assist with the testing. Automated, manual, and screen reader testing began the first week of January 2011 and was completed February 4th.

    The report has been completed and posted here for your review. The CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Staff, ATI Leadership Council, and Google have reviewed the Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation report.

    We discovered a number of accessibility issues during our testing. These issues are outlined in the report as well as "workarounds" that can be used to improve the user experience for persons with disabilities. When campuses choose to use Google Apps, they are required to provide an equally effective service for people with disabilities and it is critical for campuses to ensure that the "workarounds" meet the educational needs of the student and/or faculty. The March 15, 2011 USA TODAY online news article "Complaint: Google programs hard for blind students" illustrates possible legal problems that may result from adopting the Google Apps for Education suite.

    Questions or Comments about this report may be directed to CSU ATI Staff"
    Table of Contents
    Print Complete BookPrint This Chapter

    ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation
    Section 1. Executive Summary
    Section 2. About the Project
    Section 3. Findings
    Section 4. Workarounds, Accommodations and Best Practices
    Summary and Conclusions
    Authors Note
    Appendices A - E
Claude Almansi

CSU ATI: ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation (Section 1. Executive Summary) - 0 views

    "CSU testing confirmed the accessibility problems furnished by Google in their Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs; see Appendix). The applications tested had varying levels of accessibility; most had significant accessibility problems which inhibit users of assistive technology from successful, regular use of the products. Some workarounds are now available for Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Calendar. Limiting use of Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Calendar to administrative or back-office processes and systems is recommended when possible. Limiting adoption and use of Forms, Sites, and Gmail Chat is recommended until accessibility improves or better workarounds become available. "
    Link to main and other pages on the left.
Claude Almansi

California State U. Report Warns of Accessibility Issues in Google Services - Wired Cam... - 0 views

    "June 23, 2011, 6:20 pm

    By Jie Jenny Zou

    California State University's Accessible Technology Initiative suggests in a report released this week that universities limit their campuswide use of Google's free Web services based on what it calls a variety of inaccessibility issues for the blind and those with other disabilities.

    The report, "ATI Google Apps Accessibility Evaluation," looked at the accessibility of Google Apps for Education, a free software suite available to colleges and elementary and secondary schools. Hundreds of colleges have adopted Google Apps as their official campus e-mail and communication service for students."
    for update to posts about Google Apps
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