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Jessica Strange

You Too May Well Use Alternative Solutions For BV To Eliminate Your Signs And Symptoms Permanently - 0 views

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started by Jessica Strange on 19 Mar 12
  • Jessica Strange
    You can be forgiven for thinking that your BV symptoms will be difficult or even impossible to treat permanently, especially if you have gone through multiple course of antibiotics.

    Bacterial vaginosis is known by doctors to be a recurring problem. An illness that keeps returning time and time again, in spite of all the treatment you may be taking.

    In a small minority of cases, your symptoms - through an unlikely cascade of events - can completely disappear after your first course of medical therapy. The scenario in which bacterial vaginosis finds its way back, is unfortunately far more common, and the more you attack BV head on with antibiotics, the stronger the bacteria get and the worse and more resistant your symptoms become.

    Why Is Conventional Medical Therapy The Wrong Approach For BV?

    Regardless of whether you take antibiotics as a pill, or use an antibiotic gel directly inside your vagina, the antibiotic will attack and destroy both bad AND good forms of microbes.

    Inside all vagina are a colony of housekeeping bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus, which do the job of creating and maintaining a vaginal environment in which is unsuitable for the growth of harmful bacteria. When you consume or apply antimicrobial drugs, you do more than just eliminate the harmful microbes, you also almost obliterate the much-needed lactobacilli.

    After you finish your course of antibiotics, the bacteria inside your vagina inevitably grow back. Given that the bad bacteria that cause BV are able to multiply more rapidly than your vagina's lactobacilli, it is far more likely for you to get BV a second time AFTER antibiotic treatment, than it is for you to be permanently cured. And to make things worse, the second time round the infection is usually more severe than when you had it the first time round.

    Arguments FOR The Use Of An All-Natural Approach

    There are a vast range of different natural at home remedies for BV . A lot of these natural cures are no better than antibiotics. Some are worse than antibiotics and others are down right dangerous. Fortunately I have managed to isolate some of the few remedies that really do bring results plus have time and time again with many-a-BV sufferer, bought a long-lasting end to the signs and symptoms of BV.

    Unfortunately, even if you see a gynecologist, you are likely to be given the wrong advice and encouraged to continually use antibiotics rather than the more permanent natural solutions, since it takes such a long time for natural remedies to permeate into the medical curriculum. Frankly, due to the lack of financial benefits to promoting free (or very cheap) natural remedies, there are just not enough scientific studies out there for the medical profession to be happy promoting these remedies to their patients - regardless of whether or not they work. The sad fact is that they DO.

    Antibiotics are so easily trumped by these working alternative therapies, because the alternative therapies have a completely different mode of action. Simply put - they do not work in the same way. The way these alternative treatments work is they help to manipulate the vaginal ecosystem, making it such that the bad overgrown BV bacteria are simply unable to survive.

    When reverted to its natural state, the vagina becomes an environment in which bad bacteria can no longer survive in large numbers. Bad bacteria then die and are removed from your system. Since the condition within your vagina is changed, the bad bacteria then tend not to return, leaving you symptom-free for a looong time, or in many cases - forever.

    If you wish to find out in more detail, about all of the different natural options available to you, I highly advise you read this article BV Cures.

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