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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Alisa Cooper

Alisa Cooper

Discussion 4: Diigo/Sustainability - 26 views

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started by Alisa Cooper on 15 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
  • Alisa Cooper
    Welcome to the Diigo group page where you can participate in this discussion. You have a little extra time to participate in this assignment, but don't forget about it.

    We are starting a new module and the focus is now on sustainability. After you have read the TOP 10 Myths about Sustainability, I want for you to do a Google search on sustainability to see if you can find more information about the myths and other topics that fall under the sustainability. You need to save 3 websites that you find to the Diigo class group. Be sure to give the sites a title, tags, and a short description of what the website is about - just like you did for assignment #2 earlier this year.

    The second part of this assignment is this discussion. You can participate in this in two ways. One, you can add your comments and feedback right here OR you can comment on individual posts made by your class mates. Be sure to make a minimum of 3 comments.

    Question: Identify issues or concerns that we should be aware of in regards to sustainability. How might be go about solving this problem or addressing this concern?
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