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Colin Bennett

Nanomaterial Being Produced By the Ton - 0 views

  • Graphene is an extremely low density material, almost an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds. It has been the focus of much research because of its exceptional electrical, mechanical and optical properties. It holds great promise in renewable energies. Among the so far underutilized advantages Graphene offers are that it is fifty times stronger than steel, and it has five times the conductivity of copper, with only one quarter of the density.
    Because of its light weight Graphene is the ideal substitute for copper for aerospace defense against emerging weapons technologies such as electromagnetic pulse as well as lightning strike protection for the aerospace market.
Colin Bennett

Under construction: The fuel tank of the future - 0 views

    If the hydrogen economy is ever going to become reality, we will need a way to store the stuff without having to compress it to dangerously high pressures. The gas could then be fed to fuel cells to power the phones, laptops and automobiles of the future. Just such a technique may now be coming together in a Dutch lab, in the shape of a material in which billions of carbon buckyballs are sandwiched between sheets of graphene - another form of carbon.
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