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Antwak Short videos

Insightful videos on "Interview Preparation" by 26+ professionals - 0 views

    Here's the step by step guide for Data Science Interview Process The Interview process begins directly from the point you begin investigating the various job positions that allure you. Furthermore, it goes up to the stage of in-person (face to face) interviews. Remember that this is a crucial interview procedure. You probably won't need to experience every single step in your interview procedure. Comprehend and follow the Different Roles, Skills and Interviews Update your Resume and Start Applying! Telephonic Screening Clearing the Assignments In-Person Interaction(s) Post-Interview Steps The above-mentioned steps will be helpful all through your Interview preparation! Know about different Roles, Skills and Interviews in Data Science The main thing you need to comprehend is that there are many jobs in the data science environment. An average data science project has a life cycle. A data scientist is just one part of an effective data science project. Let's check out a quick run-through of different data Scientist job roles. Data Scientist Business Analyst Data Analyst Data Visualizer Analyst Data Science Manager Data Architect AI Engineer PC Vision Engineer You need to have great correspondence and critical thinking skills. You need not know Python and technicals skills. A data architect will probably be tested on his/her programming skills. Get prepared as per the company's expectations. Prepare for the interviews- Create your Digital presence Over 80% of employers we addressed revealed that they check an applicant's LinkedIn profile. Recruiters need to crosscheck and assure the claims made in the resume are genuine or not. You ought to have a LinkedIn profile. It ought to be updated and enhanced by the role(s) you're applying for. Make a GitHub account. Writing computer programs is a crucial task in the data science job role. Transferring your code and ventures to GitHub helps the recruiters see your work directly. Regularly
Dan Sherman

Online Summer Math Programs - proven to reverse summer learning loss - 2 views

Research shows that most students lose more than 2 months of math skills over the summer. TenMarks summer math programs for grades 3-high school are a great way to reverse the summer learning loss...

TenMarks Summer Math Programs Learning Loss Online Web 2.0 Interactive Slide Worksheet Structured Review Master Learn

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Fully Funded Romania Summer Exchange Program 2020 - 0 views

    Fully Funded Romania Summer Exchange Program 2020 - Spend Summer in EuropeFully Funded Romania Summer Exchange Program 2020 - Spend Summer in Europe Fintech-Challenges for Financial Services,Fully Funded Scholarships,Romania Summer Exchange Program 2020,Romanian Government Scholarships,University of Bucharest,#GrabaScholarship #FullyFundedScholarship #UniversityofBucharest #RomaniaSummerExchangeProgram2020 #RomanianGovernmentScholarship

Master the basics of R Programming - 0 views

    R Programming Training by Multisoft Systems is a perfect guide to help you master the basics of R Programming and use the same for effective data analysis.
Open TeleShop

Hammer Of Thor Capsules in Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Quetta | Online Shop In All Over Pakistan-OpenTeleShop.Com - 0 views

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION HAMMER OF THOR IN PAKISTAN | OPENTELESOP.COM Hammer of Thor capsules and online coaching allows you to become the man your want to be..Because we care for the health and satisfaction of our customers, our capsules are produced in European laboratories to the highest standard.Your private life is your own business, which is why our packages are completely neutral, without any mention of the contents. Discreet billing.With the Hammer of Thor in Openteleshop program, you will no longer have any reason to envy the stars of adult films: wouldn't it be great to be able to boast about your sexual performance and have the physique to match the films you have seen. This unique new approach, which combines proven coaching techniques with the Hammer of Thor capsules, can help accompanying you toward this goal: you may find a natural and proportional enlargement of your penis and also experience better erections. Everything is linked and Hammer of Thor has understood this well. WOMEN WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU USE HAMMER OF THOR:OPENTELESHOP- The Sex Is Great But With Thor's Hammer It Helps You Turn Great Sex Into Amazing Sex in Openteleshop. The Secret To Thor's Hammer Power Is In Thor's Hammer Herbal Formula, Which Has Been Specifically Developed To Increase The Strength And Longevity Of Your Erection To Maximize Pleasure For Yourself As Well As Your Partner. IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL PERFORMANCE:OPENTELESHOP By working on your erections you should considerably boost your libido whilst also improving your love-making. making. The Hammer of Thor program accompanies you towards this goal: the simple and effective exercises could enable you to achieve impressive erections and greater pleasure. Control your desires naturally and easily and attend to the needs of your partner: one of the objectives of Hammer of Thor is to satisfy your other half! BENEFITS OF HAMMER OF THOR :OPENTELESHOP ✔ Increased Your Strength During Love Making ✔ Harder

Python tutorials - 0 views

    This app for watching Python tutorials for learning Python programming language.This app providing the functionality for easy to learn and working with very powerful and simple programming language Python. In this app we are providing two language tutorials Hindi and English, you can easily change the language of tutorials using menu .
    This app for watching Python tutorials for learning Python programming language.This app providing the functionality for easy to learn and working with very powerful and simple programming language Python. In this app we are providing two language tutorials Hindi and English, you can easily change the language of tutorials using menu .
qualitypoint Tech

You can start your own online Quiz program for getting more visitors - 0 views

    We are providing online Quiz program in various subjects (e.g php, mysql, html, english, aptitude, etc). It helps us to get more visitors to our web site. And,this Quiz program is used for evaluating knowledge of a candidate also. Today I have created a sales page for allowing the people to buy this Quiz program.
Jordan Sniderbrady

Neuro Linguistic Programming - 0 views

    With the help of Neuro linguistic programming, Marg hobby is helping people to achieve their life goal. This programming is more like a belief that drives and support people to move in a positive direction.

Develop an Enterprise Level L&D Needs Assessment - IIHT - 0 views

    Preparing, implementing and proving the value of L&D programs require a bit of research to perfect. Whether it is identifying the skill gaps or marketing the programs effectively, L&D professionals need to consider the various stakeholders and decision-makers to decide bottomlines of learning programs.
Ihering Alcoforado

50 Interesting Ways To Use Skype In Your Classroom | Edudemic - 19 views

    I'm a so-so fan of Skype. I've used it on an infrequent basis and have had more than a few dropped calls. Audio and video alike. However, it's a cheap way to make long distance calls and seems to work better over wi-fi and the video quality is improving on a regular basis. So therefore it's probably a great tool for the classroom. But how can you use Skype to do more than just make calls? Well, there's a pantload of interesting ways! Check out these fun ideas: Collaborate! Meet with other classrooms: One of the most common projects educators utilize Skype for is setting up exchanges with classrooms around the world, usually for cultural exchange purposes or working together on a common assignment. The program's official site provides some great opportunities to meet up with like-minded teachers and students sharing the same goals. Practice a foreign language: Connect with individual learners or classrooms hailing from a different native tongue can use a Skype collaboration to sharpen grammar and pronunciation skills through conversation. Peace One Day: Far beyond classroom collaborations, the Peace One Day initiative teamed up with Skype itself and educators across the globe to teach kids about the importance of ending violence, war, and other social ills. Around the World with 80 Schools: This challenge asks participating schools to hook up with 80 worldwide and report back what all they've learned about other cultures and languages. Talk about the weather: One popular Skype project sees participants from different regions make note of the weather patterns for a specified period of time, with students comparing and contrasting the results. Collaborative poetry: In this assignment, connected classrooms pen poetic pieces together and share them via video conferencing. Practice interviews: The education system frequently receives criticism for its failure to prepare students for the real world, but using Skype to help them run through mock-up
meet universities

Top 5 abroad places for Exchange students program - 0 views

    Student exchange programs are gaining popularity these days, as they are the most common form of intercultural exchange. Student exchange programs provide a platform for high school and university students to live, study and work abroad. These programs are either conducted by governmental organizations or universities themselves. During such exchange programs, students live in host families .. view more

Auslogics File Recovery 5 Crack With License Key Free Download - 0 views

    Auslogics File Recovery 5 Crack is a high extraordinary all-incorporated one report worked in programming. It recoups erased documents and lost dividers, snappy and without issues. With Auslogics report recovery programming program, you could show signs of improvement all archive worked in records, track, photos, movies and each other report worked in you may construct incorporated.
Antwak Short videos

Data Science | AntWak FREE micro-videos - 0 views

    Home > Data Science > How to learn Data Science in 2021? Data Science (DS) is a great, promising, and most demanding career. But are you confused about being a beginner and wanna know the Right Way to Learn DS? Technology is more into digitisation and due to this extensive transformation, huge data is expected to be produced in the coming future. To make use of such big data we need data scientists who can layout, design and filter the data in an organized way. All things considered, with a huge number of options available choosing the correct curriculum program and admission to the right institute is important. Besides all this, the course and institute to be suitable for your requirement are extremely difficult. While online courses are an incredible path for some to upskill, good opportunities from top colleges and universities are the platform for data scientists to test their knowledge in their field. Here are the five essential guidelines to turn into an expert in Data Science: Get a Data Science certificate or similar degree To get an opportunity as an entry-level data researcher, one would require a four-year certification in DS, math, insights and software engineering. Degrees can likewise give temporary job openings. All things considered if you have just secured a 4 yr certification in a different background through online e-courses or basic boot camps and workshops. The focus should be given to mastering the skills required for DS. Take a look at this course from AntWak on Data Engineering delivered by top global experts. Take comprehensive courses and devote time to learning You can become a top-class data researcher by taking a full course at a time. It will be the skill and instruments needed to turn into a data researcher, many critical projects and coaching help. A variety of such courses are available online that offer top to bottom analysis of subjects, for example, data scratching, AI, big data analysis and many more. To begin your learning
Martin Burrett

MicroBit - 0 views

    The website for the BBC Micro:Bit has lots of coding resources to use with and without a Micro:Bit device for both teachers and pupils, including program creators with a choice of programming languages.
Walco Solutions

Training & Placement Programs Industrial Automation Training - 0 views

shared by Walco Solutions on 12 Jun 15 - No Cached
    Walco Solutions offers Automation & embedded internships program. The internship program provides practical work experience and an introduction to Automation and Embedded systems for the college students under the guidance of senior walco solutions engineers. +91 8129981111
Erik Keith

Salute to Teachers - 16 views

    The GLOBE Program ( is taking this opportunity to salute teachers everywhere----for all of the things you do----for inspiring your students and cultivating the love of learning. Teachers are the backbone of our educational system. They encourage, inspire and challenge us to reach new heights and dream without boundaries. The GLOBE Program Office in Boulder, Colorado produced this video for teachers everywhere. We encourage you to watch it, send it to your fellow (or favorite) teachers, school administrators, friends and family members. Encourage them to share it with their network as well so that everyone may pause for a moment and truly appreciate the teachers who made a difference in their lives.
    Salute to Teachers Video
    Does this video include private, charter, online teachers or those who belong to a teacher's union?
Dennis OConnor

ALA | Interview with Keith Curry Lance - 0 views

  • The basic question tackled in school library impact research to date have been if school libraries or librarians make a difference? And, if so, how much and how? At least in recent years, more attention has gone to measuring the impact of school libraries than to explaining how that impact is achieved; but, the focus is beginning to move from the former to the latter. Four studies, or sets of studies, illustrate the formative history of this line of research.
  • The findings documented, and elaborated upon, the SchoolMatch claim that [the level of] school library expenditures was a key predictor of academic achievement, as measured by standardized tests, specifically in Colorado, scores on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS).
  • other key library predictors, including the amount and level of library staffing, collection size, and the amount of time the school librarian spends playing an instructional role.
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  • by 2005, the Colorado study model had been replicated and elaborated upon to a greater or lesser extent in Colorado and more than a dozen other states by five different researchers or research teams. Collectively, they have studied the impact of school libraries in approximately 8,700 schools with enrollments totaling more than 2.6 million students.
  • using this research to advocate for school library programs has affected the relationships of school librarians with both principals and teachers. Four out of five respondents (81 percent) reported that they shared the research with their principals. (Between one-third and half also reported sharing this research with their superintendents, other administrators, technology staff, and/or parents.) Almost two out of three respondents (66 percent) reported sharing the research with teachers. As a result, approximately two-thirds of respondents report that sharing the research improved their relationships with their principals (69 percent) or teachers (66 percent).
  • Krashen suggests quite the reverse. Reading and library use are not direct consequences of students being from more prosperous homes, but rather from the fact that more prosperous homes tend to offer more books and other reading materials, and, thereby, to encourage reading and library use. Thus, he hypothesizes, libraries—both public and school—have an important role to play in equalizing access to books and other reading materials for disadvantaged students.
  • Overall, students and teachers confirmed that the school libraries studied helped students by making them more information- and computer-literate generally, but especially in their school work, and by encouraging them to read for pleasure and information—and, in the latter case, to read critically—beyond what they are required to do for school.
  • their core results were remarkably consistent. Across states and grade levels, test scores correlated positively and statistically significantly with staff and collection size; library staff activities related to learning and teaching, information access and delivery, and program administration; and the availability of networked computers, both in the library and elsewhere in the school, that provide access to library catalogs, licensed databases, and the World Wide Web. The cause-and-effect claim associated with these correlations was strengthened by the reliability of the relationships between key library variables (i.e., staffing levels, collection size, spending) and test scores when other school and community conditions were taken into account.
  • A series of studies that have had a great deal of influence on the research and decision-making discussions concerning school library media programs have grown from the work of a team in Colorado—Keith Curry Lance, Marcia J. Rodney, and Christine Hamilton-Pennell (2000).
  • Recent school library impact studies have also identified, and generated some evidence about, potential "interventions" that could be studied. The questions might at first appear rather familiar: How much, and how, are achievement and learning improved when . . . librarians collaborate more fully with other educators? libraries are more flexibly scheduled? administrators choose to support stronger library programs (in a specific way)? library spending (for something specific) increases?
  • high priority should be given to reaching teachers, administrators, and public officials as well as school librarians and school library advocates.
  • Perhaps the most strategic option, albeit a long-term one, is to infiltrate schools and colleges of education. Most school administrators and teachers never had to take a course, or even part of a course, that introduced them to what constitutes a high-quality school library program.
  • Three factors are working against successful advocacy for school libraries: (1) the age demographic of librarians, (2) the lack of institutionalization of librarianship in K–12 schools, and (3) the lack of support from educators due to their lack of education or training about libraries and good experiences with libraries and librarians.
  • These vacant positions are highly vulnerable to being downgraded or eliminated in these times of tight budgets, not merely because there is less money to go around, but because superintendents, principals, teachers, and other education decision-makers do not understand the role a school librarian can and should play.
  • If we want the school library to be regarded as a central player in fostering academic success, we must do whatever we can to ensure that school library research is not marginalized by other interests.    
    A great overview of Lance's research into the effectiveness of libraries.  He answers the question: Do school libraries or librarians make a difference?  His answer (A HUGE YES!) is back by 14 years of remarkable research.  The point is proved.  But this information remains unknown to many principals and superintendents.  Anyone interested in 21st century teaching and learning will find this interview fascinating.
fikar zuma

Master Education Degree Online Program - 0 views

    Master education degree online program is a best choice for you to be selected when you are looking for the best education that will not make you be worrying about have to go out to somewhere to get your needed education
Martin Burrett

ScratchJr - 0 views

    An iPad and junior version of the well know programming platform Scratch. The app has been designed for 5+ year olds and boosts simplified versions features of the more mature version. Children still snap programming blocks together to build amazingly creative things.
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