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Online College Courses - Distance Learning Courses - StraighterLine - 0 views

shared by josei09 on 29 Jun 11 - Cached
    • josei09
      StraighterLilne offers online university courses for $39 - courses are evaluated by ACE, tutored online by mostly master's and PhD tutors from afililated company smarthinking, and accepted for credit at several established universities, including the online versions of Washington Governor's and Colorado State among others
Vanessa Vaile

Disrupting College - 6 views

  • None of America’s higher education institutions have ever served a large percentage of our citizens—many from low-income, African-American, and Hispanic families.
  • Disruptive innovation is the process by which a sector that has previously served only a limited few because its products and services were complicated, expensive, and inaccessible, is transformed into one whose products and services are simple, affordable, and convenient and serves many no matter their wealth or expertise.
alexandra m. pickett

Online Learning Snapshot - South America - home - 0 views

  • There are an abundance of Distance Learning programs being initiated and managed, even in some of the world’s most destitute countries.
  • Distance Learning: correspondence courses, radio, television, telephone, Internet, telecenters, CDROM and satellite broad-casting.
John Graves

edumooc - Online Learning Collaborations - 9 views

    This wiki page is a jumping off point to other eduMOOC collaborative sites.
Clark Shah-Nelson

The online learning global snapshot | - 6 views

    More from the Online Learning Global Snapshot
Clark Shah-Nelson

Global Snapshot of Online Learning presentations - 6 views

    Presentations from the Global Snapshot of Online Learning by Larry Ragan (Penn State) et al. 
Rosalind Warner

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods - 8 views

    This is a great comprehensive portal to all things visual...
Jason Rhode

Jason Rhode |  Blog - 1 views

    my blog, where I'll be posting for #edumooc // also tweeting at
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