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A College Education for All, Free and Online - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Edu... - 5 views

  • University of the People, a tuition-free online institution that enrolled its first class of students in 2009.
  • UoPeople students pay an application fee of between $10 and $50 and must have a high-school diploma and be proficient in English. There are also small fees for grading final exams. Otherwise, it's free.
  • UoPeople relies heavily on peer-to-peer learning that takes place within a highly structured curriculum developed in part by volunteers
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  • Rather than deploy the most sophisticated and expensive technology, UoPeople keeps it simple—everything happens asynchronously, in text only. As long as students can connect their laptops or mobile devices to a telecommunications network, somewhere, they can study and learn.

    For most of humanity, this is the only viable way to get access to higher education. When the university polled students about why they had enrolled, the top answer was, "What other choice do I have?"

  • The scale of the global population lacking access to higher education is gargantuan—Reshef puts it at 100 million people worldwide. It's outlandish to think that they'll get it through the construction of American-style colleges and universities—the most expensive model of higher education known to humankind, and getting more so every year. Low-cost, online higher-education tools are the future for most people
  • Undergraduates at the University of California at Berkeley can minor in global poverty, but Berkeley isn't using newly available online-learning tools to actually reduce global poverty by helping impoverished students earn college degrees.
  • Most elite American colleges are content to spend their vast resources on gilding their palaces of exclusivity. They worry that extending their reach might dilute their brand. Perhaps it might. Righteousness is easy; generosity is hard
    Describes University of the People, tuition-free, ony-text-based college degrees (just two as of now) that uses widely available OERs to provide higher education to vast numbers of students that have no access to traditional higher education
Clark Shah-Nelson

The online learning global snapshot | - 6 views

    More from the Online Learning Global Snapshot
Clark Shah-Nelson

Global Snapshot of Online Learning presentations - 6 views

    Presentations from the Global Snapshot of Online Learning by Larry Ragan (Penn State) et al. 
ray schroeder

Open Future of Higher Ed - 5 views

    • ray schroeder
      Interesting links on OERu which may "disrupt" higher ed
    Keynote from e-Cornucopia on OER in future of higher education
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