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carlos villalobos

CmapTools - Home Page Cmap.html - 8 views

    CmapTools is a free program used by colleges around the world for creating concept maps: graphical tools for organizing and representing our knowledge about a particular issue or system. In CmapTools, concepts (boxes or nouns) are linked together by propositions (lines or verbs) to form a network that visually demonstrates connections between issue components. By creating a visual map of what we know, one can open up new ways of understanding how that system functions and how its components interrelate; this is what distinguishes CmapTools from more traditional (e.g., verbal) modes of thinking and communication.

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Kelly Faulkner

Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab - 0 views

    With Exploratree you can:

    * Use our ready-made thinking guides
    * Make a new thinking guide from scratch
    * Use it to set class projects
    * Print them out (they can go as big as A0)
    * Change and customise thinking guides, you can add or change text, shapes, images etc.
    * As a teacher, you can set up the sequence that you want the thinking guide to be revealed in, so that you can stage the thinking activity
    * You can fill in a thinking guide and complete your project on the website
    * You can present your project
    * You can send your thinking guide to a whole group of people
    * You can submit a thinking guide for comments, so it can't be edited but just reviewed
    * Work in groups on the same thinking guide
    thinking maps/graphic organisers. 
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