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David Hilton

High School History Student Network - 8 views

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started by David Hilton on 20 Oct 09
  • David Hilton
    Most of us are aware of the power of social networking for teachers to improve their knowledge, gain ideas and make connections with other like-minded educators from around the world. I believe this power can also be harnessed to improve the engagement, enjoyable and knowledge base of history students. If you would like your students to join an online network of high school history students from around the world come to and apply to join. Just please let me know where you work, what you teach and some background knowledge about you. Once you have been verified as a history teacher you will be granted teacher privileges and your students can start connecting with other students around the world.
    There are protocols in place to ensure the safety of students and already students from Australia and Germany have joined up. The feedback so far has been fantastic, so I would encourage you to become involved. Looking forward to seeing you there! David.

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