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Jennifer Carey

The Beginners Guide to Chromebooks - 15 views



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Twitter Video is Here - 12 views

    Click the image above to see my first Twitter Video.  Like every other social network Twitter too has not gone video!  I'm sure you have noticed more and more videos showing up in your Facebook news feed and Instagram seems to have almost as many videos as pictures these days.  
Clay Leben

Articles « Annie Murphy Paul - 7 views

    Learning and brain articles

The Number One Present to Give Your Kids | Life Without Limbs - 7 views

    Join Nick Vujicic on this channel for Life Without Limbs TV. From life without limbs to life without limits.
Monique Bowes

60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category | TeachThought - 7 views

    I just booked marked: 60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category | TeachThought #connectedca #sd37 #bced
Cally Black

Clearing the Confusion between Technology Rich and Innovative Poor: Six Questions - 25 views

    In a recent webinar, more than 90% of school leaders responded that they were leading an innovative school as a result of the implementation of technology. At the end of the webinar, when polled again, only one leader claimed to be leading an innovative school. The complete reversal was due to a presentation of the Six Questions that you will read about in this article.   This list of questions was developed to help educators be clear about the unique added value of a digital learning environment.
SW Proposal

What does your software project proposal say about your company? - 0 views

    Get to know about three important aspects of winning software development proposal. An evenly balanced software proposal including Sales, Financial and Technical element gives a complete insight of the project to the client. This article describes all three required aspects in detail.

The Challenges of Digital Leadership - 9 views

  • Teachers who used index cards or worksheets as quick checks for student understanding may now use more expensive student response systems (“clickers”) to do the same.
    • ccozort
      The issue here is that clickers are too specialized and limited value-add.  An iPad runs Socrative, and does a lot more...
  • Heads of school don’t have to be skilled users themselves to be effective technology leaders, but they do have to exercise appropriate oversight and convey the message - repeatedly - that frequent, meaningful technology use in school is both important and expected.
  • eel sad for the students and teachers in the schools who choose to simply ban and block rather than do the harder but necessary work of enabling and learning from other schools that have followed a less restrictive, more creative path
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  • powerful amplifiers
  • A few workshops here and there rarely result in large-scale changes in implementation
  • We can’t simply delegate things to our technology coordinators and integrationists and be done with it all.
Shelly Terrell

Someone Outranking You With Your Own Content? Use The New Google Scraper Report - 13 views

    Stealing your content report
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