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John Onwuegbu

Questechie - Trends In Internet Technology - 0 views

    The new Yahoo Search BOSS tools announced on April 9 include integration with Delicious content, new sorting functionality by date with - or a specified time range, and the ability to filter specific language results for a given market - including support in Hungarian and traditional Chinese.
Mark Chambers

Wired Campus: Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class -- via... - 0 views

  • most of his students were unfamiliar with Twitter, the microblogging service that limits messages to 140 characters.
    • Sarah Hanawald
      See--just because they're young doesn't mean they know everything digital!
  • others in the class would respond with notes encouraging the student to raise the topic out loud.
    • Sarah Hanawald
  • I’m not a full-time faculty member,” he said. “I use my classrooms as an applied-research lab to decide what to promote as new solutions for our campus.”
    • Sarah Hanawald
      All ed tech people should think of themselves this way and keep teaching in "applied-research labs"
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • I couldn’t help thinking that it sounded like a recipe for chaos, and I told him so
  • He couldn’t get two screens, so he had students bring in their laptops
    • Mark Chambers
      Skip the screens and the laptops and go straight to the phones :-)
    Is encouraging a "back-stream" of communication helpful or counter-productive in class?
    What about trying this during a faculty meeting at school? Probably using cover it live instead of twitter just to make it accessible to all. I really like the notion that when Ed Tech faculty teaches, it should be a lab environment.
Jackie Gerstein

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Virtual Worlds - 0 views

    This edition of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is dedicated to exploring the breadth of designs, pedagogies and curricular innovations that are actually already being applied to teaching and learning in virtual worlds.
Karen Chichester

Neat New Stuff on the Net - Weekly Reviews of Useful Sites by Marylaine Block - 0 views

    For those ous us who don't have lots of time to find new things.
Janice Stearns

Freeware | Skype Call Recorder - 0 views

    free skype call recorder
Rob Jacklin

Writing Tips for Google News and Social Media Releases : RushPRnews - Newswire & Press ... - 0 views

    Tips to Writing a Successful Press Release for Google NEWS & Social Media Sites
Chris Atkinson

Bantam - 0 views

shared by Chris Atkinson on 07 Apr 09 - Cached
Chris Atkinson

NotePub - 0 views

shared by Chris Atkinson on 07 Apr 09 - Cached
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