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Fred Delventhal

24 Most Underrated Websites of 2008 - 0 views

    Read the comments for even more.
Clif Mims - 0 views

    A Virtual Networking Game for Kids

    ZooKazoo is an online environment of imaginary and adventurous destinations where children can safely hang out, have fun, and make their world a better place.
Fred Delventhal

Favorite Freeware Games: Download Them All - Computer Shopper - 0 views

    Some a definite download others defintiely not.
Bruce Vigneault

More Readers Are Picking Up Electronic Books - - 0 views

  • which were often hard to use and offered few popular items to read. But this year, in part because of the popularity of’s wireless Kindle device, the e-book has started to take hold.
    • Bruce Vigneault
      Might this be the future for education?
Fred Delventhal

The Read Green Initiative - 0 views

    Read magazines online free.
Fred Delventhal

Get feedback with Backboard - 0 views

    Backboard automates the process of getting feedback and approval on all your projects-it can handle almost any type of file, but it's especially good with mixed graphical and text media.

    It only takes a minute to start a Backboard. Upload the file you would like feedback on, choose a security level, and select the email addresses of one or more reviewers.

    Each reviewer will receive a link to your file, where they can come and leave feedback on your document. Every kind of document can be annotated and marked up in the same way, so reviewers do not have to learn several commenting systems. Better yet, you can view all reviewers' feedback in the same place, so you'll never again find yourself merging several documents with different "tracked changes."

Fred Delventhal

Addictionary :: What's your word? - 0 views

    Not for kids. Some of the stuff on the front page when this was bookmarked was very inappropriate.
Fred Delventhal

Just Leap In - 0 views

    Just Leap In is your virtual, 3D home on the Web. It's a place to share your stuff - photos, videos, news, and music - while meeting others who share your interests.

    via Tim Childers in Diigo
cheryl capozzoli

Many Eyes - 0 views

    Create some excellent visualizations for data sets!!
James OReilly

The Consultants-E SL - EduNation - 0 views

Clay Leben

Wikidot - Wiki Hosting - 0 views

    Wiki hosting service with easy customization. Compare to or

education2020 » home - 0 views

    aim of this wiki is to create and encourage a dialogue around what education should look like in the year 2020.
Fred Delventhal -- Free Letter Templates - 0 views

  • offers a multitude of free, fully customizable letter templates for all occasions.
Fred Delventhal

VirtualBox - 0 views

  • VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). See "About VirtualBox" for an introduction.
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