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Ian Guest

RealtimeBoard - 3 views

    "Discuss web-site or product interfaces with your team. Add visual materials and screenshots, mark-up, leave comments in mini-chat. Create simple sketches or complex infographics using shapes, texts and mark-up tools. Visualize any data and share it with others. Upload pictures and drawings of interior and exterior, discuss your design projects with your colleagues and clients using comments and chat. Plan and discuss your projects in RealtimeBoard - add your Google Docs and PDF-presentations, create mindmaps and collaborate in real time. Use business model template to structure your business activity. Add files, texts, pictures, comments and work together.
    "Plan and discuss your projects in RealtimeBoard - add your Google Docs and PDF-presentations, create mindmaps and collaborate in real time"
John Pearce

Scribblar - Free Interactive Online Whiteboard - 10 views

    "Multi-user whiteboard, live audio,
    image collaboration, text-chat and more"
John Pearce

5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad - 3 views

    " It seems as though the minute the iPad was announced, innumerable light bulbs went off as developers and entrepreneurs everywhere came to the same realization: "We could totally use this device as a digital whiteboard!" Indeed, a search for the word "whiteboard" in the App Store returns a whopping 170 iPad apps.

    Although the device's 10-inch screen may not compare to a full-sized, physical whiteboard, it can be quite handy to use a virtual whiteboard with team members remotely, and the iPad's form factor suits itself quite well to exactly that. "
Tony Richards

Reports of the death of the whiteboard are much exaggerated.. « Education, Te... - 2 views

    Might be good to discuss on the show - are they really dying?
Shelly Terrell

Build Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - 6 views

    Based on our core Whiteboard technology, Desmos aims to serve as a web-based, unifying standard for interactive lessons. Professional content developers, publishers, and individual teachers alike can create and distribute vivid, effective content through our community. No longer are teachers limited by the kind of hardware they have in their classroom. They can build lessons on their computer and then use them in class on their Interactive Whiteboards, or at home from your computer, or on the go from a tablet. Accessing Desmos is as simple as opening up a browser.
    Not only can you build lessons, but you can work together, live, with other members of the community by inviting them to share your Whiteboards.
John Pearce

Turn Your iPad 1 or 2 into an Interactive Whiteboard (Practical Practice) - 1 views

    "Everyone is so excited about tethering the iPad 2 to a projector, admittedly very cool, that we have missed something else at least as good if not even better! Go all the way: make the iPad 1 or 2 into a complete interactive whiteboard solution!

    If you already own an iPad, computer, and projector, this can be done for less than the cost of Apple's new Digital AV Adapter for the iPad 2. Ok, full disclosure: this solution only costs 2 cents less than the adapter. But for tethering with the Digital AV Adapter, you also have to purchase an HDMI to VGA cable too!"
John Pearce

IDroo Whiteboard for Skype - 3 views

    IDroo is a free online whiteboard that is
    "FREE for non-commercial use
    # Collaborative meetings with many participants (10 or even more)
    # Insert simple and complex mathematical equations
    # Draw and write your ideas
    # Express your mind through images
    # Take advantage of high quality calls over Skype
    # All drawings are easily editable vector graphics
    # Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets"
Andrew Jeppesen

Virtual Whiteboard - A free online collaboration tool - 12 views

    Virtual Whiteboard is a web-based collaborative system that provides a realtime canvas for thinking, designing, and working with your colleagues, clients, friends or family. Virtual Whiteboard is available to anyone for personal, educational, or business use and registration is free.
Roland Gesthuizen

Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff - TechLearnin... - 0 views

    You can save about $3500 hundred dollars per classroom if you buy a tablet and projector rather than an interactive whiteboard and get the same results, but you don't know that because this and other research (almost always commissioned by IWB companies) is purposely misleading you, comparing classrooms with IWBs to those without technology rather than comparing classrooms with IWBs to the much less expensive projectors/laptop or projector/tablet combo.
Russell Ogden

Imagination Cubed - 5 views

    Collaborative drawing tool. No login. Simple to use and share. Fast to get started. Suitable for simple drawings using some basic shapes provided including word bubbles. Endless possibilities for ESL and other simple classroom visualising activities.
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