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Ed Kerollis

DSIRE: Incentives by State: Incentives in Pennsylvania - 0 views

    All Incentives for this State DSIRE Home Pennsylvania Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency See Federal Incentives See All Summaries See Homeowner Incentive Summaries Only Financial Incentives Local Grant Program * Metropolitan Edison Company SEF Grants (FirstEnergy Territory) * Penelec SEF of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies Grant Program (FirstEnergy Territory) * Sustainable Development Fund Grant Program (PECO Territory) * West Penn Power SEF Grant Program Local Loan Program * Metropolitan Edison Company SEF Loans (FirstEnergy Territory) * Penelec SEF of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies Loan Program (FirstEnergy Territory) * SEF of Central Eastern Pennsylvania Loan Program (PP&L Territory) * Sustainable Development Fund Commercial Financing Program (PECO Territory) * West Penn Power SEF Commercial Loan Program Property Tax Assessment * Wind-Energy System Exemption State Grant Program * High Performance Green Schools Planning Grants * Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) - Grants * Pennsylvania Energy Harvest Grant Program State Loan Program * Keystone Home Energy Loan Program * Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) - Loans and Loan Guarantees * Small Business Pollution Prevention Assistance Account Loan Program Utility Loan Program * Adams Electric Cooperative - Energy Resource Conservation (ERC) and Supplemental Loan Program Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Incentives * U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center Rules, Regulations & Policies Building Energy Code * Pennsylvania Building Energy Codes Generation Disclosure * Fuel Mix Disclosure Green Power Purchasing/Aggregation * Montgomery County - Wind Power Purchasing * Pennsylvania - Green Power Purchasi
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Peak Energy: Urban Design After the Age of Oil - 0 views

    WorldChanging has a brief post pointing to a symposium on urban life after oil - Re-Imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil. A number of great journalists were covering last weekend's Re-Imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil symposium in Philadelphia. The University of Pennsylvania School of Design and Penn Institute for Urban Research hosted this conference, which was organized with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to address the need to re-imagine and rethink how cities are designed and organized in a future without oil. Our own Alex Steffen gave a mainstage talk at the international event, which featured a number of thinkers whose work we've written about before here, like Bull Dunster, Elizabeth Kolbert, Robert Socolow, Andy Revkin, William J. Mitchell, David Orr, Neal Pierce, Bill Rees, Thomas Campanella, Harrison Fraker, and ARUP's Sir Peter Head. From brief recaps of plenaries and workshops to lengthier discussions of the theories presented (and their presenters), the pieces posted to the Next American City liveblog offer a taste of what was seen and heard at this innovative gathering of great minds.
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The energy answer is blowin' in the wind - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 0 views

    Understanding wind energy can be a challenge. But it is no more complicated than the choices we are making on transportation. And just like those choices, wind is great for Pennsylvania's economy as well as our environment. Pennsylvania wind farms generate power about 70 percent of the time. But the amount of power is variable. That's why it is rated at 30 percent of capacity. It's like having a car that can go 100 mph but your average speed is much less.
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Alliance to Save Energy: News: September 2008: State Policy Bulletin - 0 views

    State Updates Legislative updates from Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina New Hampshire New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia
Joe La Fleur

EPA recklessly seeking to destroy nation's coal industry? | EPA Abuse - 0 views


Ralph Lauren t shirt That behavior - 0 views

"We can't predict whether a major slowdown in crop growth will actually happen, and the odds are still fairly low," said Tebaldi. "But climate change has increased the odds to the point that organi...

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sac vanessa bruno cuir Le mouvement - 0 views

ont été progressivement appelés par d'autres mots symboliques: ainsi, réduction désigne la politique de coupes dans les dépenses publiques; abrogation désigne l'abrogation du Corporation Act (qui i...

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Lunettes Oakley X Squared L - 0 views

Et une méta-analyse (c'est-à-dire un bilan critique de plusieurs études) réalisée en 1997, regroupant 2 000 sujets, n'a pas montré statistiquement de différences entre les deux sexes. érotisme : il...

Lunettes Oakley Ten X Squared Spike

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