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Six-Folding Adjustable Ruler Aluminum Alloy - 0 views

This is an alloy ruler that can be used at anywhere. It is made of aluminum alloy material so it is durable. It can be used in a variety of environments, laying floor tiles, civil engineering, hole...

started by ava777 on 01 Jun 19 no follow-up yet
Brian G. Dowling

YouTube - Facing the Future:Critical Thinking on Global Sustainability - 0 views

  • Facing the Future:Critical Thinking on Global Sustainability
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    Facing the Future:Critical Thinking on Global Sustainability
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Lunettes Oakley X Squared L - 0 views

Et une méta-analyse (c'est-à-dire un bilan critique de plusieurs études) réalisée en 1997, regroupant 2 000 sujets, n'a pas montré statistiquement de différences entre les deux sexes. érotisme : il...

Lunettes Oakley Ten X Squared Spike

started by opinions1 opinions1 on 02 Aug 14 no follow-up yet
Energy Net

Solar Power Lightens Up with Thin-Film Technology: Scientific American - 0 views

    The sun blasts Earth with enough energy in one hour-4.3 x 1020 joules-to provide all of humanity's energy needs for a year (4.1 x 1020 joules), according to physicist Steven Chu, director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The question is how to most effectively harness it. Thin-film solar cells may be the answer: One recently converted 19.9 percent of the sunlight that hit it into electricity, surpassing the amount converted into power by mass-produced traditional silicon photovoltaics and offering the potential to unleash this renewable energy source.

Air-x Airx12v Land Wind Turbine: Wind Turbines: Eco20/20 - 0 views

    The AIR-X is the world's largest selling small wind turbine. It has the newest technology which provides it the features of mega watt class wind turbines.

Traffic Rider - 0 views


Traffic Rider

started by wasifali on 02 Jul 23 no follow-up yet
Nspire IT Jobs

Functional Designers x multiple positions (6mths Contract, ACT Immediate start) - 0 views

    *Multiple positions, immediate or May 2011 commencement date *High profile consulting company working on a large Federal Government project *6mths + a further 6-12mths extension
Alex Parker

Motorola set to return to China - 1 views

    Brand will re-launch in China following its acquisition by local vendor Lenovo. The Motorola brand will return to China, the company announced today on its official blog. Having previously withdrawn from the country in 2013 while under the ownership of Google, the mobile phone brand will re-launch there in early 2015 with three of its latest devices: the Moto X, Moto X Pro and Moto G.

doudoune moncler homme pas cher De quoi - 0 views

xA0;11 Les mots contre les nombres. Une revue savante est bien trop précieuse et bien trop fragile pour être vouée à la seule estimation du martèlement discontinu d'un clavier numérique branché sur...

started by owen11158 on 03 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

Car Window Curtain Solar Mosquito Dust UV Protection (2Pcs) - 0 views

CAR WINDOW SHADES that FIT 90% of SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED CAR'S BACK SEAT WINDOWS. High Tech Stretchy Mesh Fabric protector for sun to be placed on rear side back seats windows. Fits windows with fr...

started by ava777 on 14 May 19 no follow-up yet

Waterproof Adjustable Dual Focus Monocular Binoculars (16 x 52) - 0 views

started by ava777 on 13 May 19 no follow-up yet

Mini Portable Electronic Scale (50kg x 10g) - 0 views

started by ava777 on 14 Jun 19 no follow-up yet

Portable Digital Electronic Weighing Luggage Scale (50Kg x 10g) - 0 views

started by ava777 on 15 Jun 19 no follow-up yet

glimepiride and contrast dye - 0 views

    The main component of CT/X-ray Contrast Media is iodine. The Iodinated Contrast Media is a colorless, transparent, slightly viscous liquid. At present, the CT contrast agents can be mainly divided into ionic and non-ionic, according to the osmotic pressure can be divided into hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic. Currently, non-ionic, isotonic or hypotonic Contrast Media are used clinically. When the CT contrast medium is injected, 97% of the contrast media products can be directly excreted from the kidneys within 1 day.

visipaque package insert - 0 views

    Iodixanol Injection is a CT/X-ray Contrast Media that is isotonic with plasma. It has excellent cardiac safety and renal safety, which is most comfortable to use, especially suitable for high risk patients. Product name: Iodixanol Injection Generic name: Iodixanol Injection Type: Injectable Contrast media for CT/X-ray Ingredients: Iodixanol Specification: (1)100ml-27 gl (2)50ml-16 gl (3)100ml-32 gl Administration: For Intravascular use only Adverse reactions: See the details from the package insert Shelf life: 24 months.
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