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Automated Forex Trading Robot!! - 0 views

    Hi There*.* If you are a beginner at forex trading, you are probably searching for a free forex robot which can automate the process of currency trading. You have been told by the so called "forex experts" and forex robot review sites that you can make lot of money with automated forex robots or forex expert advisor. Now you want to know where can you find free forex robot online so that you can download it and start earning money. It is true that with the help of the right forex robot you can really earn big profits. However forex trading is a highly competitive and volatile market. The reality is that most of the free forex trading robots are likely to lose you money than earn profits. Why do I say that? Let me explain… more details >>

Hydro Wave Energy Plant | Green Entrepreneurship Opportunities: GreenCareersGuide - 0 views

    Dealing with water based energy can be more involved than people think. For many people, the concept of water energy comes down to the old water mill, the gently turning water wheel slowly creating a fraction of the energy we would need these days.
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Peak Energy: A micro-hydropower revolution in the UK ? - 0 views

    The Guardian has an article on plans to expand micro-hydro generation in Britain - Canals and rivers to lead micro-hydropower revolution Britain's canals and rivers have already been heralded as a low-carbon way to tranport Tesco groceries, a test-bed for hydrogen boats and a opportunity to build more wind turbines. Now they're being billed as a chance for micro hydropower to flourish under new plans unveiled today by British Waterways, which maintains 2,200 miles of the country's canals and rivers. In partnership with The Small Hydro Company, British Waterways said it intended to build 25 small-scale hydro-electric schemes with a capacity of 40MW, enough to power 40,000 homes. While far smaller in capacity than offshore wind farms switched on in 2008, the hydro initiative hopes to raise £120m in private capital over the next three years, create 150 construction jobs and reduce CO2 emissions by 110,000 tonnes annually. Underwater turbines will be installed next to existing weirs and will not affect the navigation of canals and rivers. Larger waterways such as the Trent and Severn rivers will be used for the first hydro power projects, with many of the installations likely to be located in the East Midlands and Yorkshire. It is hoped the first of the 25 hydro installations will be generating renewable electricity by 2010.
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Panama tribe exiles its king over power plant deal | World news | The Guardian - 0 views

    An indigenous Panamanian tribe has driven its king into exile over his approval of a £25m hydro-electric project in its jungle realm. The Naso tribe, whose millennia-old royal inheritance system is recognised by the state, banished King Tito Santana for opening the kingdom to developers.
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