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Energy Net

Government Study Shows U.S. Wind Resources Larger than Previously Estimated | Alison Pr... - 1 views

    "A new study by the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has revealed that U.S. wind resources are far greater than previously believed. The study, a collaborative project between NREL and AWS Truewind, LLC, of Albany, New York, created resource maps and wind potential tables for 48 states. The recent study is the first comprehensive update of the wind energy potential by state since 1993. The resource maps for the contiguous United States, and separately for each state, show the predicted mean annual wind speeds at 80-meter height. They are derived from 200-meter resolution maps developed by AWS Truewind for the windNavigator system. Areas with annual average wind speeds around 6.5 m/s and greater at 80-meter height are generally considered to have suitable wind resources for wind development"
Energy Net

Peak Energy: A North American Wind Energy Scenario - 0 views

    I've got another guest post from Neil Howes up at TOD, this one proposing a rough plan for North AMerica to obtain 50% of its power from wind by 2030 - A North American Wind Energy Scenario. Would a "50% of electricity generated by wind scenario" work in North America by 2030? In this post, I make a rough cut estimate of what might be required to make such a transition in about 20 years time. Most proposals that are being made rely on a very big increase in carbon free energy, both to charge electric vehicles (EV's) and to replace oil and natural gas (NG) presently used for hot water and space heating. In this post, I lay out a path by which 50% of North American energy might come from wind by 2030, including replacement of a large share of oil and natural gas use by electricity. ... High quality wind resources (wind speeds greater than 6.9m/sec) in the US are estimated to be >5,500GWa, about x10 all of N America's present electricity production of 550GWa. Canada's potential appears to be similar or greater than the US, while Mexico's wind resources are more limited (these figures do not include deep offshore resources that could be harnessed by floating wind turbines or higher altitude wind resources that could potentially be harnessed by airborne wind turbines).

cheap ralph lauren trainers A raft of measures - 0 views

"I strongly recommend Member States to adopt this proposal and keep the safeguards that will allow cleaner fuels to be used in transport across Europe". The proposal establishes a method for calcul...

started by xfiona3322116 on 14 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Energy Net

Peak Energy: Demand Management: The Invisible Energy Resource - 0 views

    Next100 has a post on "demand response" - managing customer demand in peak periods to reduce the need for costly, rarely used generation capacity and to allow greater penetration of renewable energy sources - The Invisible Energy Resource. The media rush to highlight every major new renewable power project, but another clean energy resource gets far less attention, even though it's flexible, abundant, relatively inexpensive and valued overall at billions of dollars. According to a recent report by the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), this unheralded resource is equal to 29,000 megawatts of capacity during periods of peak summer demand--as much as all U.S. wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass power combined.
Energy Net

USGS: US Energy Resource Base - 0 views

    This is a new overview of all fossile fuel and renewable energy resources in the U.S. It includes wind and solar resources.
Energy Net

Peak Energy: Geothermal Mapping In The US - 0 views

    Renewable Energy World has an article on some large scale efforts to map geothermal power resources in the western US - Western U.S. Entities Move Quickly on Geothermal Mapping. Several large geothermal resource mapping projects are heading toward conclusion so that finally, the power source can be more accurately considered in siting new electricity transmission lines for renewable power development. Given the Obama administration's investment focus on new transmission line development, the result of the mapping efforts should be a relatively rapid increase in the number and size of commercial-scale geothermal projects.
Alex Parker

X2 Resources: Mick the Miner's big comeback - 0 views

    After resigning from Xstrata in the wake of bitter merger negotiations with Glencore, Mick Davis is on the comeback trail with his new venture X2 Resources. Mining Technology recounts the fractious months leading up to Davis's departure from Xstrata and analyses his plans for X2, a new and well-backed force in the natural resources sector.

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Instead of extracting raw materials, using them once and throwing them away, the new vision is for a different economic model. In a circular economy, re-use, repair and recycling become the norm, a...

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Bharatbookbureau MarketReport

Global Water Resources - 1 views

    Global Water Resources (GWRI) took the phrase "Think globally, act locally" to heart. The company provides water, wastewater, and recycled water utility services to 14 utilities and more than 60,000 people in its service area around Phoenix. Its recycled water is treated and purified wastewater used for non-potable and outdoor purposes, sent through a separate system of pipes than drinking water.
soniya shrma

Free energy generator contributes free energy resource for your house - 0 views

    We comprehend that the strength of a magnet is fabulously powerful. We are capable to really thoroughly and closely question or examine this attraction and resistance by bringing more than one magnets together.
Energy Net

Media Resources - 0 views

    The Lovin's Power Point presentations on energy Great resource that is available for use.
Energy Net

Markey introduces major energy efficiency legislation - 0 views

    The Alliance to Save Energy hailed new Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) legislation, introduced today by Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), as effective federal policy that would reduce consumers' energy use and therefore costs; cut global warming pollution; and supplant the need for new power plants to meet rising energy demand. The Save American Energy Act would cut electricity and natural gas demand and, in combination with another newly introduced Markey bill creating a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), create more than a half million jobs and save U.S. consumers more than $180 billion, according to Markey's office.
Brian G. Dowling

RealClimate - 0 views

  • Start here Filed under: IPCC FAQ Climate Science — group @ 4:43 PM - () () We've often been asked to provide a one stop link for resources that people can use to get up to speed on the issue of climate change, and so here is a first cut. Unlike our other postings, we'll amend this as we discover or are pointed to new resources. Different people have different needs and so we will group resources according to the level people start at. For complete beginners:
    As the site says Climate science from climate scientists. This page has links for complete beginners.

ralph lauren feather jacket on sale - 0 views

The poll released today was commissioned from independent firm Franklin, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates - FM3, for the Natural Resources Defense Council. It was conducted among 802 voters f...

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explore Annenberg

explore Water - 1 views

    The explore Team travels to India, China, Costa Rica, and the Arctic to see the impact of humanity on the planet's most important resource: water.
Jack Travis

Renewable Energy Resources - 0 views

    There are many energy conservation tips taken to have the green power in your surrounding region. Also the charges for the fossil fuels are increasing a lot and creates harm for the environment too.
Andy E Barnes

Green Living, Done Ethically. - 0 views

  • is a resource for all who seek to translate concerns over the climate and compassion for humanity into real-time changes in their lifestyle. A selection of the top news stories of interest along with a full mashup of what is happening in the green and ethical world, you are sure to find something of interest.

Energy Engineer - 0 views

    Energy engineering usually refers to a mixture of engineering disciplines, such as electrical and mechanical engineering, in such a way as to work on the problems of collecting and using energy resources to meet our needs.
Energy Net

Mainstreet Business Journal - - 0 views

    A Provo firm Thursday launched a project that could foreshadow the next revolution in renewable energy resources for Utah and the rest of the nation, the Deseret News reports. Raser Technologies Inc. marked the completion of a 10-megawatt geothermal power plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Beaver County facility located in Thermo, near Milford.
Energy Net

Deseret News | Full steam ahead on geothermal power generation - 0 views

    A Provo firm Thursday launched a project that could foreshadow the next revolution in renewable energy resources for Utah and the rest of the nation. Raser Technologies Inc. marked the completion of a 10-megawatt geothermal power plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Beaver County facility located in Thermo. It is the first commercial-scale facility to utilize a new technology that allows the plant to generate electricity using geothermal heated water that is at a much lower temperature than was previously possible, said John Fox, general manager of UTC Power Corp.
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