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[ 69][ 69] Ibid. , p. 160;462. ...suite 51 The last sentence was perhaps fair comment, but the history itself was remarkably self-serving. T shirt burberry soldes The assertion that France had grow...

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[ 61][ 61] Nevile Henderson, Failure of a Mission: Berlin, 1937-1939,...suite 43 Accordingly, for most educated Britons 9160;November160;1918160;-160;9/11160;- the day Berlin announced the Kaiser's...

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Climate Control: Germany Reaches Kyoto Emissions Commitments - SPIEGEL ONLINE - 0 views

    A new study shows that Germany has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions to the level pledged in the Kyoto Protocol. But a greater reliance on coal-fired power plants may soon reverse the trend. When it comes to global warming and concurrent efforts to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, Germany has always tried to present itself as a leader. New data set to be released on Friday shows that the country has earned its bragging rights.

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G. 160;Wells, 'The Sword of Peace', Daily Chronicle,...suite So, too, did David Lloyd George, who succeeded Asquith as Prime Minister in160;1916,[ 57][ 57] Peter Rowland, Lloyd George, London, Barr...

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suite But British statesmen were convinced that with the Prussian element vanquished they could draw a line under recent history and assume that another war with Germany was out of the question. As...

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L'organisation des champs universitaires sur une base nationale et non linguistique, et la dépendance du marché des sciences humaines à l'égard du public étudiant, expliquent notamment que les cham...

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suite Yet the English middle classes found it difficult to believe they could actually find themselves fighting their Teutonic cousins -160;a sentiment, in fact, widely shared by their counterparts...

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Geothermal Electricity Booming in Germany - 0 views

    Electricity from geothermal sources is set to soar in Germany -- and all thanks to a law that has made drilling wells deep enough to hit the hot temperature water, which is needed to produce electricity, financially viable. Less than 0.4 percent of Germany's total primary energy supply came from geothermal sources in 2004. But after a renewable energy law that introduced a tariff scheme of EU €0.15 [US $0.23] per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for electricity produced from geothermal sources came into effect that year, a construction boom was sparked and the new power plants are now starting to come online.
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Intersolar: Germany's 40MW Solar PV Project More Than Halfway Done « Earth2Tech - 0 views

    And you thought the U.S. was getting big solar photovoltaic projects (like the one being built by SunPower for FPL, or SunEdison for Duke). But those will deliver just a little more than half of what a Godzilla-like solar PV project in Germany will soon provide. The managing director of solar builder Juwi Solar, Michael Martin, said Juwi has already built over half - or 26 MW - of what, at 40 MW, he claims will be the world's largest solar PV project, which could be completed as soon as the end of the year.
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Peak Energy: Ultra-Efficient Organic LEDs - 0 views

    Technology Review has an update on cheap, energy efficient OLED lighting - Ultra-Efficient Organic LEDs. An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) developed in Germany has the potential to produce the same quality of white light as incandescent bulbs but with power efficiencies considerably better than even fluorescent lighting. The prototype OLED could emerge as an ultra-efficient light source for displays and general lighting, says Sebastian Reineke, who led the research at the Institute for Applied Photophysics, in Dresden, Germany. The long-term goal is to fabricate the device using conventional low-cost roll-to-roll printing. In recent years, many countries have begun looking to switch from incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs because the latter are so much more energy efficient. There has also been a lot of interest in using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for displays and general lighting, again because of the potential energy savings they offer. But with both fluorescent and LED lighting, the quality of white light produced has always left something to be desired. Fluorescent lighting can make people appear unhealthy because less red light is emitted, while most white LEDs on the market today have a bluish quality, making them appear cold.
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Solar Thermal Power in North-Africa: How Much Land to Power the World? : TreeHugger - 0 views

    Spiegel Online published a series of pictures titled "Desertec: Strom aus der Wüste" (translation: Desertech: Electricity from the desert). It includes this image of how much land would be needed to power the world, Europe or Germany with solar-thermal power. The idea is similar to a post we did a year ago: How Much Land to Power The Whole World with Solar?
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Giant Turbine Offers 20% Efficiency Boost : TreeHugger - 0 views

    Officially grid-connected and set to work this week in Germany is a new wind tower from ATS. The novel tower construction allows very high hub heights that may increase a turbine's yield by 20% or more. With its hub height of 133 meters (436 feet), the system has an overall height of 180 meters (590 feet). "This is a great day for wind energy." said Frans Brughuis, Managing Director of the tower construction specialist Advanced Tower Systems (ATS). "Now the pilot project can demonstrate the high cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the ATS concept," The system, one of the largest wind energy systems with hybrid tower in the world, is installed at Germany's Windtest test field at Grevenbroich, near Cologne.

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suite The Oxford historians who argued the case for war later that month presented it as a struggle between Prussianism and Anglo-Saxonism. In their words, 'the principle of raison d'état', which h...

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Whatsapp +16465806302 Buy driver's license, 100% undetectable counterfeit money - 0 views

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Biodiesel Germany - 0 views

    Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil- or animal fat-based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl (methyl, propyl or ethyl) esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, animal fat with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters.
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Salt-Free Solar: CSP Tower Using Air - Renewable Energy World - 0 views

    Concentrating solar power (CSP) is an emerging technology that offers the potential to supply utility-scale peaking power competitively. In December 2008, a 1.5 MWe solar thermal central receiver system was declared operational by plant construction company Kraftanlagen Munchen. Although solar tower technology had been built as early as the 1970s and a second commercial tower is now close to completion (see REW magazine July/August 2008) the so-called Test and Demonstration Power Plant Julich, in Germany, is the world's first solar thermal power plant erected which uses air as the medium for heat transport. In all previous plants liquid media such as molten salt or oil have been used for the obvious reason of their high specific heat capacity, which in turn results in low volume flow rates and low pumping losses.
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A Promising Catalyst for Solar-Based Hydrogen Energy Production - 0 views

    Scientists have found that a polymer material is an excellent catalyst in a process to produce hydrogen fuel using sunlight and water. The material meets the basic requirements for an ideal catalyst -- including being abundant, easy to work with, and non-toxic -- and could help this "green" alternative-energy production method become mainstream. Creating hydrogen gas by splitting water (H2O) molecules with solar energy is a promising way of generating hydrogen fuel, which, by either being burned directly or used in fuel cells, can power many types of vehicles, including automobiles, buses, and even airplanes. The study's corresponding scientist is Xinchen Wang, a chemist affiliated with the Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, and Fouzhou University in Fouzhou, China.
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WorldChanging: Europeans Form Renewable Energy Agency - 0 views

    A consortium of European governments is developing the world's first International Renewable Energy Agency. The agency, known as IRENA, will serve as a global cheerleader for clean energy. It plans to offer technical, financial, and policy advice for governments worldwide, according to a joint announcement from Germany, Spain, and Denmark - the project's leaders.
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Nanosolar's Breakthrough - Solar Now Cheaper than Coal | celsias° - 0 views

    Their mission: to deliver cost-efficient solar electricity. The Nanosolar company was founded in 2002 and is working to build the world's largest solar cell factory in California and the world's largest panel-assembly factory in Germany. They have successfully created a solar coating that is the most cost-efficient solar energy source ever. Their PowerSheet cells contrast the current solar technology systems by reducing the cost of production from $3 a watt to a mere 30 cents per watt.
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