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Leslie Healey

Digital Learning Day :: Splash - 14 views

    Great idea to showcase what your school does across disciplines
Mark Smith

What do 'right-to-work' laws do to a state's economy? - 5 views

  • Similarly, one 1998 study by Thomas J. Holmes found that companies in heavily unionized states often relocated just across state borders to right-to-work states. But is that due to the right-to-work laws or other policies?
Leslie Healey

Creative Nonfiction: a definition and appreciation - 14 views

  • For a while the NEA experimented with “belles-lettres,” a misunderstood term that favors style over substance and did not capture the personal essence and foundation of the literature they were seeking. Eventually one of the NEA members in the meeting that day pointed out that a rebel in his English department was campaigning for the term “creative nonfiction.” That rebel was me.
  • literary craft in presenting nonfiction—that is, factually accurate prose about real people and events—in a compelling, vivid manner. To p
  • real demarcation points between fiction, which is or can be mostly imagination; traditional nonfiction (journalism and scholarship), which is mostly information; and creative nonfiction, which presents or treats information using the tools of the fiction writer while maintaining allegiance to fact.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son Ernest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon, and Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff are classic creative nonfiction efforts—
  • communicate information (reportage) in a scenic, dramatic fashion.

  • offers flexibility and freedom while adhering to the basic tenets of reportage. In creative nonfiction, writers can be poetic and journalistic simultaneously
  • inematic techniques, from scene to dialogue to description to point of view, to write about themselves and ot
Jo Hawke

Using Marzano Question Stems in a High School Classroom « Thirty-Something an... - 18 views

    "Using Marzano Question Stems in a High School Classroom"
Azize Besik

10 Ways To Handle With Hyperactive Students - 7 views

    "10 Ways To Handle With Hyperactive Students"
GoEd Online

Free eBooks for Teachers - Classic Novels - 13 views

    Download free eBook versions of 37 literary classics like Romeo and Juliet, The Scarlet Letter, Jane Eyre and more! Each eBook download comes as an easy-to-use PDF file that can be printed or projected on your interactive whiteboard.
GoEd Online

Top 10 eBooks for English Teachers - 22 views

    As you already know, English (ELA) is a broad subject that encompasses a variety of topics including grammar, literature, reading, writing, vocabulary and more. Due to the nature of the discipline, there are thousands of great eBooks-but, which are the best?
Jo Hawke

American Icons: The Great Gatsby - Studio 360 - 9 views


    Episode #1148
    American Icons: The Great Gatsby
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    Thursday, November 25, 2010


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    Episodes of false identity, living large, and murder in the suburbs add up to the great American novel.
Dynnelle Fields

Facilitating Literacy Discussions In High School English Class - 27 views

    I love this-- sample "pinwheel discussion" to analyze literature. I think the teacher's role of making tally marks to show them where they are doing well is key.
C Reed

Pinterest / Home - 13 views

shared by C Reed on 28 Jul 12 - Cached
    ideas page
Lisa Moore

Strategies to enhance peer feedback | Assessment for Learning - 21 views

    many meta-cognitive formatives!
Rose Black

Plagiarism checking tool - the most accurate and absolutely FREE! - 12 views

    In this technological age a plagiarism checker is essential for protecting your written work. A plagiarism checker benefits teachers, students, website owners and anyone else interested in protecting their writing. Our service guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked by our plagiarism software to insure that your texts are unique.
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