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mary corr

Other Web 2.0 tools - TeacherTube - 8 views

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started by mary corr on 04 Nov 09
  • mary corr
    TeacherTube is a wonderful example of another web 2.0 tool. It allows a teacher to post a video, audio file, photo, or word/presentation document to the internet for other teachers, students, and/or parents to view.
    The website is free, so anyone can join or roam around and view a variety of instructional videos. This is very helpful for students who wish to learn online. Teachers can post lessons that they perform in classrooms online, so that students who do not attend their classrooms can learn from home. Not only is this convenient, but it allows the teacher and student more flexibility.
    This form of technology is a wonderful way for complete involvement. Children (those who are older can use independently, but those that are younger may need adult assistance) are able to learn online. Teachers are able to share helpful information with other teachers online, and parents are able to stay connected with what is going on in their child's classroom. Public libraries usually consist of computers, so if someone has difficulty with their internet or does not have a computer at all, it would be helpful to travel to the local library to explore on one of their computers.
    I look forward to using or advising someone to use one of these websites in their educational career.
  • Brooke Newton
    I really like this website too. I think that videos are a great way to demonstrate different topics in a memorable way. I have always found videos to be useful to help me to understand different concepts. It is hard to learn something just by hearing about it or reading about it. Videos can make a concept real.

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