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Accessibility and E-Learning - 6 views

Check out my! magazine on Accessibility and E-learning. I hope to continue to grow my magazine with resources concerning accessibility including assistive technology, the digital divide, a...

accessibility e-learning assistive technology digital divide universal design

started by noraulland on 15 Apr 15 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

Free Technology for Teachers: Using Wall Wisher in the Classroom - 7 views

    "For those who have never tried Wallwisher before, it is very easy to use. To get started simply go to and click "build a wall." Then title your wall, choose a URL for your wall, enter your name and email, and start adding sticky notes to the wall. Sticky notes added to a Wallwisher wall can contain up to 160 characters of text plus links to images and videos. You can choose to make your wall private or public. If you choose the public option anyone can quickly add sticky notes to your wall. If you want to approve additions to the wall before they appear, that's an option too. Choosing the public settings is allows for the quickest set-up and use of Wallwisher as you only need to give students the URL of your wall in order for them to add notes to the wall."

Blended Learning in the 21st Century! - 4 views

    Hi everyone!

    Please visit my ScoopIt page and check out what blended learning is, how it's being used today, and how you can use it as either an educator or a student if you are looking to continue being a learner!

    John Allen
Walco Solutions

Automation training kerala. - 3 views

    We are the one and only automation training division providing direct company training of both WALRUS MARINE AND ENGINEERING CO.PVT.LTD(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company), BOSCH AUTOMATION TRAINING and Certificate program in Energy Management by Productivity council in a single course. Grab this opportunity. call us 0484-329 8994 , +91 81298 26898 , +91 8129981111 .
Nigel Coutts

Virtual Reality - 0 views

    What are the possibilities for situated learning created by a growing number of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Devices from Oculus Rift, Samsung, Google and Microsoft?
Kelly Kaiser

Overview | Teaching Copyright - 1 views

    This has great lesson plans to teach students copyright and fair use. Enjoy!

Technology in ELT classroom - 1 views


started by chojnacka-bailly on 10 Apr 15 no follow-up yet
David Carpenter

Duolingo: Schools - 3 views

    Duolingo is known for its teaching of languages. It now offers free subscriptions to schools.
Kelly Kaiser

When Wearing Shorts Was Taboo : NPR History Dept. : NPR - 1 views

    In certain places in American history, showing a little leg has been illegal - for men and women.

    I thought this was an interesting article to use when discussing a multitude of topics. Cheers!


Mobile Learning in the Math Classroom | - 2 views

    resources for mobile learning in the math classroom
Dennis OConnor

Content Curation by Robin Good | ZEEF - 1 views

  • Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience
    Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience
David Carpenter

Physlets Home Page - 1 views

    Davidson college runs this site to support science education.
David Carpenter

Gizmos! Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding. | ExploreLearning - 3 views

    Subscription service for science and math simulations.
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