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Dennis OConnor

Ten Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses: Home Page - 3 views

shared by Dennis OConnor on 02 Jul 15 - No Cached
    "Step 1: Develop content first, then design.
    Step 2: Provide simple, consistent navigation.
    Step 3: Include an accommodation statement.
    Step 4: Choose CMS tools carefully.
    Step 5: Model and teach good discussion board etiquette.
    Step 6: Use color with care.
    Step 7: Provide accessible document formats.
    Step 8: Choose fonts carefully.
    Step 9: Convert PowerPoint™ to accessible HTML.
    Step 10: If it's auditory make it visual; if it is visual make it auditory."
Angela Hoistion - 4 views

    Strategies for Effective Online Teaching
Angela Hoistion

7 Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better | GradHacker | InsideHigherEd - 6 views

    "7 Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better"
Angela Hoistion

Instructional Strategies for Online Courses - 4 views

  • priately designed and facilitated by knowledgeable educators. Because learners have different learning styles or a combination of styles, online educators should design activities that address their modes of learning in order to provi
    Overview of multiple instructional strategies
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    This web page goes through all of the components that a facilitator should consider while instructing an online course. It highlights the different combinations of learning styles and how to consider addressing all learner's needs.
    U of Illinois resources promoting effective online instruction
    ION is a terrific resource. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    "Instructional Strategies for Online Courses

Angela Hoistion - 4 views

    Very good article on online teaching strategies

K-12 Education: One-to-One Technology - 0 views

    Does one-to-one technology improve student achievement?

Collaborative Learning - 5 views

    Tips and technology suggestions for group projects.

Formative Assessment | - 2 views

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      The beginning of my scoops.
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