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Nigel Coutts

Schools are made of People - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Schools are made of people. Schools are all about people. Schools are made from the connections between people. Schools exist to serve people and make the lives of all people better.
Nigel Coutts

The Trouble with Change Management in Schools - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Taken simplistically there could be a feeling that due to the complexity of large systems change becomes an uncontrollable beast with a mind of its own. 
lovinget2 - 0 views

    Coalition of Essential Schools fall forum: "They shared belief that public education in our nation is absolutely vital to the preservation and advancement of our republic. Further, they knew that such an education required schools that were engaging, child centered, honored the work of teachers, and made students stand and deliver when it came time to show what they know."

Factors for Academic Success | - 4 views

EdTechReview Community

Why Should Schools Run a Blog For Their Students and Teachers? - 3 views

    Let's learn about the necessity of maintaining a School Blog for teachers and students.
Daryl Saladar

Educational Leadership:Leveraging Teacher Leadership:Leading in Schools on the Edge - 0 views

  • that is, that all teachers can, with effort and persistence, grow in their practice.
    • Daryl Saladar
      Reminds me of the change in phrase from "All kids can learn" to "All kids will learn."
  • Decklemann noticed that, although the team brought student work samples and the rubric to their meetings, instead of using these resources to make evidence-based decisions, teachers discussed problems beyond what they could see in the work, sometimes resorting to blaming students or families. They brainstormed solutions before exploring causes. They lacked follow-through in the classroom.
    • Daryl Saladar
      This sounds somewhat familiar!
    • aprilofcourse
      The schools blame the community. The community aka parents blame the schools. And the battle continues.
    Article on how schools and teachers are relying on one another when standards are not being met.  It beats a government take over.
    A principal told me recently that the demands on teachers are so intense that the average time a new teacher stays at one position is three years. I believe I heard somewhere that it takes three years to arrive at a peak of your learning curve when doing a new job. If that is correct, they are leaving when they just just be getting going. Sad, but true. In Florida, the teachers are micro-managed to the point of insanity. They are afraid to be creative and thus the positive energy of the classroom is gone.
Maria Guillily

Education technology: Catching on at last | The Economist - 0 views

    Here is an interesting article from the economist about technology in primary schools. Basically, it outlines a movement to using computers as the main instructional mechanim and the instructor is the "guide on the side" to quote our current instructor, Sara. Also, in the same article it mentioned that President Obama is fighting for high speed internet access in schools, a welcome change I am sure.
Marti Shirley

Mobile Learning in Secondary Schools - 2 views

    Smartphones and tablets in schools; schools that currently allowing use of mobile technology; ideas for use of mobile devices
Paul Jinks

BBC News - iSchool - can tech really deliver education? - 2 views

    Inspiring account of how iPads are at the centre of learning in a Bolton (UK) secondary school. 
Bob Leahy

Online schools face backlash as states question results - US news - Education Nation | ... - 2 views

    "Public officials and educators are questioning whether cyber-schools are making the grade"
    Really interesting article! I just recently met someone who works for an on-line school. I believe he is a guidance counselor. I still don't know much about on-line schools, but I know little about charter schools. After reading this, I wonder what the fate of both on-line schools and public schools will be in the future? Good or bad, education in this country is evolving...
Naomi Monson

The iPad is Changing Schools | iPad in Schools - 1 views

  • Stamford American The Most Advanced International School Ever Built – Coming To Singapore See the future of education today. 1 to 1 iPad program, virtual lecture hall and more. $300 million investment – largest K-12 education project in the region.
    This article has many links about how ipads are being used in schools around the world. As an international educator I was particularly interested in the Stamford American International School (AIS). There are many different AIS schools around the world and this one though is focusing on technology. It is an interesting read for anyone who wants ideas for integrating ipads into their classroom or school or as an international educator and how ipads are affecting the global education community.

Game-Based Learning Search Engine - 6 views

    Custom Search Engine for Game-Based Learning Activities, Schools, and Information Available Online. This is the CSE that I created for the E-Learning for Educators Course with Sara Taransky
Kathleen Ellis

Google Custom Search - eBooks and E-Texts in K-12 Schools - 5 views

    This search engine is designed to explore both sources and information about the technology and use of eBooks and e-Texts in K-12 schools.
Diane Neary

Google Custom Search - iPad in the Curriculum or Classroom - 5 views

    The aim of this custom search engine is to develop a collection of readings and resources to assist in our faculty committee's deliberations. We are exploring whether or not to provide iPads to every faculty member and, in the next phase, to all students. 
Kim Jablonski

Google Custom Search - Online Courses in Secondary Schools Search Engine - 5 views

    This customized search engine was created for those looking for information about the effectiveness and prevalence of online schools or classes in a high school setting. This search includes, government, commercial, non-profit and news sites that have covered this topic. Some results will be research based, while others will be more anecdotal.
    I found a lot of interesting - and also very important - reading on this topic with your search engine. Thank you.
Dennis OConnor

Full-Time Cyber Schools Expanding Despite No Evidence Of Their Effectiveness,... - 2 views

  • One of my doctoral students sent me this document.  Note that I have a great deal of respect for Gene Glass as a scholar, so this should be a must read for folks in our field!!!
  • Cash-strapped states and school districts are using online education — including full-time virtual schools with no face-to-face contact between students and teachers — as a lower-cost alternative to traditional public schools. In states such as Florida, virtual schools are used as a loophole in laws that limit the size of classes.
  • “We have to make sure that cyber schools don’t become just a cheap way of providing second-rate service to disadvantaged schools and students,” Glass said.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • As virtual schools continue to grow, Glass and Welner offered several recommendations for state legislators and other policymakers.
  • The full report, “Online K-12 Schooling in the U.S.: Uncertain Private Ventures in Need of Public Regulation” and the model legislation were produced by the National Education Policy Center, housed at the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Education, with funding from the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.
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