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Damita Majette

Annotated Bibliographies - Library Module for MDE Students -- Your Friendly Guide to Us... - 0 views

    • Damita Majette
    Damita Majette How to Write an Annotated Page
Jessica MKE

VoiceThread - About - Digital Library - 2 views

  • One of the drawbacks of online learning has always been that the student feels isolated and unconnected with either his or her classmates and the Professor.
  • Truly exemplary online classes require that the student interact between: The Student and the Course Content The Student and his or her Classmates The Student and the Professor
  • Threads links to:
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  • Have my students Introduce themselves to all in the class
  • Provide them with a Course Tour once they are in the class
  • Debate and discuss all the issues in my class using their microphone or webcam
  • The VoiceThread
    • Jessica MKE
      I will be recommending this and looking for ways to use it myself.
    This looks like a fabulous opportunity. In addition to the instructor posting commentary, students can use it to make their introductions or take part in a debate-which is how I intend to use it.
Debi Griggs

Welcome to - 5 views

    Great site for demonstrations of RLO and ideas for creating your own. Objects can be purchased.
Dennis OConnor

UW-Stout Online Library Orientation Video - 7 views

    Jana Reeg provides a guided audio video tour of the online resources available to off campus students.
Dennis OConnor

Not Your Grandmother's Library - 3 views

  • New SIGMS Article in Mar/April 11 "Learning & Leading" Magazine "Not Your Grandmother's Library" featuring Joyce Valenza, Keisa Williams, Wendy Stephens, and Chad Lehman
    "New SIGMS Article in Mar/April 11 "Learning & Leading" Magazine "Not Your Grandmother's Library" featuring Joyce Valenza, Keisa Williams, Wendy Stephens, and Chad Lehman"
Anna Johnson

ALA | AASL Kids Connect Tools - 5 views

    • Anna Johnson
      Be sure to check out the links on the separate pages.
    The American Association of School Librarians has prepared a step by step set of excellent tools to help children assess the validity of a website. There are links to many helpful research and organization tools. Together, this site is a powerful package that teachers and parents can use to help students make the most of their online research.
E Latorraca

CountyCat - The Catalog of Public Libraries in Milwaukee County - 0 views

    • E Latorraca
      Depending on whether students in a course are from the same location, public and school libraries offer audiobooks that can be downloaded to the computer or to mp3 devices. Consider your course, location, and students, and suggest some audio options.
    • E Latorraca
      Public and school libraries include subscription databases, some which may require library card ID numbers. Recommend those databasees that are applicable to a course, and then recommend specific databases for specific assignments to give students some direction. Don't miss these powerful resources that we often miss! You can often include direct links to databases.
    • E Latorraca
      AskAway is a 24/7 online reference chat serviced by academic and public librarians around the country. They are ready for questions from elementary school patrons to adults. Consider adding a link to AskAway in your online course. Ask your local or institution librarian what the best link is for your location. You can also search for AskAway and your state name to find it. In Wisconsin, it is a Badgerlink resource, paid for through the Department of Public Instruction.
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  • Music Audiobooks
  • Audiobooks
  • NetLibrary
Tracy Ponder - 0 views

    Great way to find many articles, requires membership. However you are still able to search and locate useful articles, in which you can track them down in your own home library.
Maureen Haig

Yale Law School - 0 views

    Yale Law School's Information Society Project, self-described as 'an intellectual center addressing the implications of the Internet and new information technologies for law and society, guided by the values of democracy, human development, and social justice.'
Suzanne Feldberg

100 Best Blogs for School Librarians | Online College Tips - Online Colleges - 1 views

    Although these sites are on a librarians blog, I believe that most educators will find the links useful.
Dennis OConnor

14 Ways K-12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media - NeverEndingSearch - Blog on School Lib... - 0 views

  • This is the best time in history to be a teacher-librarian. Major shifts in our information and communication landscapes present new opportunities for librarians to teach and lead in areas that were always considered part of their role, helping learners of all ages effectively use, manage, evaluate, organize and communicate information, and to love reading in its glorious new variety.   A school’s teacher-librarian is its chief information officer, but in a networked world, the position is more that of moderator or coach, the person who ensures that students and teachers can effectively interact with information and leverage it to create and share and make a difference in the community and beyond.
Diane Neary

Shelfari - 1 views

  • Shelfari is a community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. Create a virtual bookshelf, discover new books, connect with friends and learn more about your favorite books – all for free.
    Love books? Create your own virtual bookshelf and share it with others. Just like Diigo, you can make your own groups, too. Great for upper elementary all the way to adult.
    Shelfari is a community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. Create a virtual bookshelf, discover new books, connect with friends and learn more about your favorite books - all for free.
    This is a great tool for school librarians who want to keep up with popular reading lists and to keep track of their own "reading Lives." A good readers' advisory tool!
Shandana Said

Creative Web 2.0 Learning - 3 views

    This is a great PowerPoint on Web 2.0 and includes information about Web 2.0 Library. The PowerPoint explains Web 2.0 for collaborating vs. bookmarking and organizing.
Denise Kuethe-Strudthoff

Library Thing - 0 views

    An on-line tool to catalog books and read reviews of books. You can search by tag words to see what others recommend. This would be useful for group research projects.
    Place to organize the lists of books that you've read and want to read. Can also join online book groups to discuss books that you like or to find out about books that you think you might want to read. You can also write reviews here as well as read others' reviews. When I'm at a conference and a speaker mentions a book or books, I go to Librarything to record the book so I can look for reviews on it later. I think this could be used in K-12 education in classes that require students to read a certain number of books and to keep track of them. Could also extend that task to have students participate in a book group on one of their favorite books.
Larry Spicer

Distance Learning Services - University Library :: UW-Stout - 0 views

    UW Stout Library
    Access to UW Stout library facilities
Staci Rubenzer

About Google Scholar - 0 views

    search scholarly literature across disciplines and sources
John Lyle

Internet Public Library: - 0 views

shared by John Lyle on 04 Mar 09 - Cached
    Students from a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science develop and maintain the Internet Public Library.
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