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Patti Kucek

Developing Leadership skills - 1 views

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Dennis OConnor

Plays Well With Others: Leadership in Online Collaboration | MIT World - 1 views

  • Amy Bruckman finds the accomplishments of such online collaborations as Wikipedia, Apache and Firefox “nothing less than astounding,” and is both eagerly seeking and hoping to foster the next creative group Internet sensation.

    In her lab’s empirical studies, Bruckman has dissected different types of ensemble internet projects. She describes them as “naturally occurring constructionist learning environments,” where individuals bring “who they are to the process of making meaning,” and receive from their community technical and emotional support. This stuff matters, she says, because “people working together can create mind-bogglingly interesting stuff,” not least because the most inclusive projects reflect the values of all their contributors.
    MIT Video Lecture Series
Anna Johnson

Performance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge Juxtaposition Site - 0 views

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    The Performance Juxtaposition Site by Don Clark is, according to the author, about Performance, Learning, Leadership and Knowledge. It contains interactive charts, displays, summaries and many links relating to Instructional System Design (ISD and ADDIE), learning concepts, organization development, designing learning networks, knowledge typology, and much more.
Pam Pleviak

50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders - 0 views

    Top blogs for education from a variety of categories.
Suzanne Feldberg

Seth's Blog - 0 views

    While not an education site, Seth Godin often has insights for leadership that are applicable to education. Education needs to be as forward thinking as business, so why not keep up with entrepreneurial blogs?
Suzanne Feldberg

Dangerously Irrelevant - 0 views

Suzanne Feldberg

Educational Leadership:Teaching for the 21st Century:Why Creativity Now? A Conversation... - 0 views

    • Suzanne Feldberg
      This statement reminds us that creativity is present in every achievement, no matter how small.
    • Suzanne Feldberg
      Rather than highlight every sentence in this interview, I will comment that Sir Ken Robinson's theories are visionary and we should pay attention. His concepts could easily be incorporated into online education.
  • At the moment, instead of promoting creativity, I think we're systematically educating it out of our kids.
  • Most original thinking comes through collaboration and through the stimulation of other people's ideas. Nobody lives in a vacuum.
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  • education is becoming so dominated by this culture of standardized testing, by a particular view of intelligence and a narrow curriculum and education system, that we're flattening and stifling some of the basic skills and processes that creative achievement depends on.
    Sir Ken Robinson espouses critical and exciting theories about 21st century education. Worth the read if you are interested in reading about education reform and vision.
John Lyle

CITE Journal -- Volume 2, Issue 2 - 0 views

    Teacher leadership
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