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7 Things You Should Know About the 2015 ELI Content Anchors - 0 views

    Each year, ELI conducts a survey to identify the technologies and developments that the teaching and learning community finds most important for higher education. Those content anchors reflect the wisdom of the community and serve as guides for the work that ELI does during the year.
    I tried to highlight one important sentence but the highlighter got away from me and I'm not sure how to erase highlighting!
Naomi Monson

HigherEdJobs - Jobs in Higher Education - 1 views

  • Part-time/Adjunct Dual Career Search Online/Remote
    This site I have found helpful in searching for jobs that are online/remote. You have to read carefully though since some require that you hold some office hours or attend monthly meetings at the university. Others it does not matter and you can live in another state.
Maggie Rouman

Google Custom Search - Techno Constructivism - 7 views

    How to integrate technology into the curriculum so that it complements and redefines constructivist teaching. Keywords listed include: "techno constructivism" "online technology" "lms" "Web 2.0" "constructivist" "online apps" & "elearning".
Dennis OConnor

What Can We Learn from Higher Education? by Mike Dickinson : Learning Solutions Magazine - 4 views

    Solid comparison of corporate online training and academic e-learning trends.
Dennis OConnor

ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 4 views

  • This post wraps up another week of tips, tutorials, and commentary on pedagogy, productivity, and technology in higher education.
Margot Laird

Innovative Educators - 0 views

  • Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training sessions focused on the most critical and relevant issues facing educators today. Our primary goal is to provide participants with the information, training and skills necessary to immediately implement positive change at their institutions.
    Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training sessions focused on the most critical and relevant issues facing educators today. Our primary goal is to provide participants with the information, training and skills necessary to immediately implement positive change at their institutions.
Rosanne Ragnacci

Implementing Best Practices in Online Learning (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

  • The primary motivation is a desire to increase service to students in a way consistent with their needs and the mission of the institution.
  • the involvement of key leaders in prioritizing where to focus online learning development activities was critical and highly correlated with perceived success in these institutions
  • Putting a full program online, when done correctly and focused on student learning, involves teamwork within the academic department and among several units of the institution
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  • a quality online learning experience still has much more to do with the faculty member teaching the course than anything else. It’s still the teaching, not the technology.
    The study identifies causes for success or lack of success for higher education online programs
Jodi Thesing-Ritter

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - 2 views

    Study answers the research question, "What have researchers discovered about the experience of teaching online in higher education?"
    Interesting research focusing on teaching of online courses rather than learning.
Kim Hollman

Web 2.0 for Content and Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - 0 views

    This a report from a consulting group on how to implement Web 2.0 in higher education for an European University. It explains the impact on Web 2.0 on higher education and how it will change the face of higher education.
Nicole Suri

VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud - 6 views

    • Aaron Sato
      Definitely play this
    • Susan Hinkley
      Awesome, especially for a world language teacher! As an example, I could post a picture and ask students to talk about it/describe it. Great for a fun oral assessment tool. Thanks for sharing this!!
    • Sandy Madelung
      I love this tool and can't wait to use it for answering emails, making Blackboard announcements, and explaining new content to students.
  • Anytime, anywhere
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  • collaborate wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.
    Great to try as an audio discussion board.
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    Allows you to have an interactive audio discussion.
    A menu of voice thread presentations from the recent Sloan C Symposium on Emerging Technologies in E-learning
    This tool allows groups to have a conversation around a visual. Very Cool!
    I love this website for online teaching if you have to present a lot of content. I also use it if I have a lot of students who are going to be absent for a particular lecture. This site allows you to upload lecture motes of some kind, and then narrate those notes. Additionally, people you invite to view your presentation can make comments or ask questions within each individual slide. It's a fantastic tool for asynchronous teaching.
    Great site for interacting asynchronously in many forms.
    This tool allow collaboration over one document. This can be by voice, video or type. Ideas: Art classes, editing, practicing for speeches, science projects, history from those that lived it. Or personal uses such as long distance communication about student's homework with parents.
    A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Use it to for online discussion and collaborative project based learning.
    VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows for collaborating, sharing, and commenting. VoiceThread is a free program that can be operated by students and easily monitored by teachers. It allows for uploading pictures, narration by the creator and commenting by other viewers in 5 different ways-including audio and text. It has revolutionized story telling and can be used by teachers in all subject areas to present and share information. VoiceThread can be used as a creation, discussion, and assessment tool. VoiceThread is changing the way in which information in presented and shared.
    I have used this to present PowerPoint with videos and voice over
    Hope you find this tool helpful! Sandy in Madison
    A tool to add an explanation or details using your own voice and an illustration.
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