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Dana Gravot's Eportfolio - 6 views

  • "My life has taught me to be more curious than afraid." Ishi
  • Quote:"My life has taught me to be more curious than afraid." Ishi
    E-Learning for Educators Sp 2015

E-Portfolios as Digital Stories of Deep Learning on Vimeo - 2 views

    Helen Barrett presentation 4/28/11
Patricia Priske

AAEEBL - 1 views

    The acronym is rather cumbersome: Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning. I've checked out the credentials of a few board members and the organization seems to be a solid one. Two initiatives are of particular interest to me: Badging & learning and Collect curate carry forward.
Marissa Wilson

Technology & Assessment - 8 views

  • This web page provides links to publications, presentations, and support materials developed and maintained by Dr. Helen Barrett, School of Education, University of Alaska Anchorage (retired).
  • References & Links
  • Online Video and Podcasts
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  • Dr. Barrett's On-Line Publications on Electronic Portfolios
  • Dr. Barrett's Most Recent Conference Presentations
  • Google Sites I developed
  • On My Website (Works in Progress)
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Dr. Barrett's Workshop Training Sessions on Electronic Portfolios
    Great webpage! It's a one-stop resource that includes everything you always wanted to know about electronic portfolios.
    "Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios"
Carol Kubota

The Professional Portfolio | - 0 views

    E Portfolios for teachers.
Lynette Russell

Online Portfolio Tools - 7 views

    This site is a reference for teachers wanting to have students create and maintain portfolios of their work in an electronic environment. The site author, Helen Barrett, has compiled a variety of web links for different aspects of e-portfolio design, with the aim of allowing the user to create e-portfolios using free resources on the web.
    I love it when someone has already done a lot of work for me - and this site is a good example. There are lots of links to tutorials and tools to help educators work with students on e-portfolio creation.
Dailia Adams

U W Stout ePortfolio for Art Teachers - 0 views

    what, why how, ePortfolios are used and required
Sue Zittlow

Web 2.0 & ePortfolios - 1 views

  • electronic portfolio
  • electronic portfolio
  • electronic portfolio
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  • electronic portfolio
  • select
  • collect
  • An electronic portfolio
  • reflect
  • celebrate
  • pros and cons of different software tools
  • Planning Issues
  • Today's Tool Choices (based on Quality of Internet Access)
  • Advantages and Disadvantages for each type of tool
  • How does the Web 2.0 Metaphor apply to ePortfolios?
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Portfolios that support Assessment for Learning
  • What are some of the advantages of an Interactive Portfolio?
    Electronic Portfolios can be helpful in authentic assessment but do Web 2.0 tools help with ePortfolio development? This site goest step-by-step through a process to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into an ePortfolio. I think ePortfolios can help students get jobs, help with job evaluations, and help one stay organized professionally.
Sue Zittlow

Unleashing the Power of Web 2.0 -- Campus Technology - 0 views

  • ecodesign project
  • the project team eventually developed a framework to help make sense of the diversity in the ecodesign arena, and to establish an evolving bachelor's-level ecodesign curriculum for both US and European schools of engineering.
  • the team's extensive use of multimedia attracted the attention of the WSU ePortfolio Contest judges and snagged it one of two second-place awards.
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  • SharePoint Server
  • the ePortfolio includes social networks, video mashups, wikis, access to cloud (web)-based versions of MS Officetype software, and lots of links to Wikipedia and other web-based resources
    Here is an example of something that is complex, ecodesign, that was able to utilize Web 2.0 technologies and ePortfolios to draw international attention to the topic. This is a success story to help provide data as to why ePortfolios and Web 2.0 tools can help programs susucceed and attract new student attention.
Dennis OConnor

Naomi Harm's Professional e-Portfolio - 4 views

  • So many times individuals fall into a stagnate routine in their jobs or within their online social networks that they forget they have a global audience that is carefully watching, reading, and listening to their every word
    This e-portfolio makes a great first impression. There's substance to back up that impression as well!
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