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Questioning as Facilitating Strategies in Online Discussion - 0 views

    Research article on the importance of questioning in online facilitation.

Introduction to Crafting Questions for On-line Discussions | Penn State Learning Design... - 3 views

  • You can investigate how to use questions to achieve specific learning outcomes, guide the discussion process, and provide meaningful feedback to your students.
    This is one I really need to study. The On-Line lesson requires a better 'hook' with which to catch student interest.
    Crafting questions for online discussions- by Penn State
    Designed to learn how best to design questions, facilitating and engaging students in online discussions.
Renee Williams

Strategies in Online Discussion Boards - 10 views

    Ways to use Web 2.0 tools in online discussions. Review of the research and suggested tools are included.
Debi Griggs

Creating Effective Online Discussion Boards Requires the Right Balance | Faculty Focus - 1 views

  • This weekly unrehearsed exchange of timely, purposefully worded interaction is an art that faculty leadership needs to teach and develop in instructors, particularly if they are new to teaching
  • we do not often give them straightforward instructions on how to create and foster the setting for this to occur.
  • we hold faculty accountable for substantive interaction that promotes learning
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  • Personally welcoming each student into this new and unfamiliar place and making them feel like they belong in that environment is a necessity to help integrate them socially and academically into the course; key elements in all retention research.
  • Discussion forums are like dinner parties, and the instructor is the host.
  • There is a distinct competency in creating and sustaining student to instructor and peer to peer discourse.
  • (Tone
  • Reply
  • Disagreements are phrased professionally
  • Content
  • Invite them back
  • Proportionate time with every guest
  • Spend extra time with needy guests
  • spread the conversation throughout the party
  • Start up a new conversation when one is stale
  • immediately attend to guests’ needs,
    Ideas for facilitating an online discussion. Relates it to hosting a dinner party. Makes great sense.
Diane Neary

Online Discussions Part 2 - The Art of Asking Questions - YouTube - 2 views

    Today I've learned that there are quite a few videos available for those of us who are learning more about online teaching.
Dennis OConnor

Sucessful Online Discussions - how? - 5 views

  • Have a clearly defined relevant topic that promotes discussion; posting a topic that is thought provoking, interesting and relevant to what the students are studying Have an organized structure such as Michael designed for this discussion.A separate forum in the discussion area assist students in location the relevant postings. Read the other postings in order to ‘scaffold’ effectively and learn from others. Use the other postings as blocks to build with. Depending on the topic it could be helpful for participants to have time to research the subject before posting to the board. This could lead to a more informed discussion. Online discussions are successful if they provide fresh options to investigate, new direction, goals, insights and challenges. a conversation to and fro - as would be had in a classroom situation, rather than one solitary comment the facilitator could send emails to those not participating (eg: have you read Jo's thoughts on topic X - they are very enlightening) The facilitator's role would be to guide participants to ensure the discussion stays on track, without becoming too involved; the trick with this is to be friendly and encourage but reinforce the notion that it is obligatory to be involved! Active participants can encourage others to add their thoughts by challenging viewpoints and asking for responses from individuals who they believe may have useful information relating to the discussion put a time limit on the discussion - say 3 or 4 days so that everyone gets involved quickly to discourage procrastination facilitator should encourage participants to freely put forward their ideas on the issue/topic as it provides an excellent forum for feedback by encouraging both more thought and depth of reply than may otherwise occur in a classroom.
    thank you for this resource, it has some great best practices that can be shared with any CoP.
Shavonne Bauer

Setting the Tone - 5 views

All of the authors are members "of the staff of The Concord Consortium based in Concord, Massachusetts". This Consortium's goal is to use information technology while revolutionizing education. T...

web 2.0 e-learning discussions moderator tone


Introduction to Crafting Questions for On-line Discussions | Penn State Learning Design... - 13 views

  • ou can investigate how to use questions to achieve specific learning outcomes, guide the discussion process, and provide meaningful feedback to your students.
    • Dennis OConnor
      It's important to read through all the hyper-links in this document.  Most will apply directly to building the facilitation and questioning skills needed to be successful online. 
    • anonymous
      Great source for online questioning strategies!
  • Would you like to enhance the critical thinking level of your students?
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  • Introduction to Crafting Questions for On-line Discussions
    Practical ideas for crafting questions for online discussions depending on the desired learning outcome.
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    This resource is used during week 3 of E-Learning for Educators as a guide to creating discussion prompts.
    Prezi now has an app for the iPad. It's currently a viewer.
    The Penn State Learning Design Community Hub has done a superb job of providing educators with the necessary background information and examples of effective questions which serve as a point of reference and springboard for implementation in the instructional strategies of online classrooms.
Carolyn Jenkins

Bouncing Back from "Bad" Feedback - 3 views

    I like Julie Cohen's take on Feedback. Think of feedback as a gift.
Mariette Baker-McDermid

Successful Strategies for Using Asynchronous Discussion Boards - 2 views

  • In this age of digital communication, asynchronous discussion provides additional ways for instructors and students to interact, whether they are truly at a distance, or just trying to expand the walls and time constraints of the traditional face-to-face (F2F) classroom.
    • Shandana Said
      Also provides good definitions of the different types of asynchronous discussion forums on the Internet.
    This website provides a guide to understanding and using asynchronous discussion forums effectively. It is based on teacher anecdotes.
    In Caldwell's article 'Going the Distance with Online Instruction, VSTE Journal, Fall 1998, p. 3,6 it states, "The asynchronous environment that provides threaded discussion, combined with creative use of Internet resources and multimedia, forms the most effective combination for successful student engagement." Collins-Brown begins the article with this quote, it is thus crucial that online instructors understand the multiple ways that discussion forums can be utilized and embedded into the online environment. This article begins by introducing two strategies: instruction and interaction. Strategies for providing instruction included the following: basic course Q & A, course announcements and program level announcements, whole class discussion, small group discussion, group projects, give assignments, have students post assignments, online office hours and others (debates, case studies, lab assignments, journals, exam preparation). Interaction strategies include: learner to content interaction (text pages, video, audio, multimedia, graphics), learner to instructor (feedback and learning initiated by the instructor), learner to learner (discussion in small groups, projects). The article continues to outline the benefits and challenges of discussion boards. Discussion forums are an integral part of the '6 + 1 Writing Traits' course. Participants are dependent on putting the theory into action by grading papers in a collaborative manner. This article allowed me to see how versatile the forum is and how effective it is at creating a learning community. In my own courses this is one of the areas that I need to put into practice. I have started in a small way but know in order to get the students to buy into this form of learning they need to understand the value of sharing and learning from each other. The author of this article, Eli Collins-Brown, created this site as part of her treatise presentation for her M.Ed. in Educational Research and Collabora
Janet R

Thoughts on Teaching: A few strategies for setting the right tone for online discussions - 1 views

    Fun icebreaker ideas for initial discussion board forums in a course.
Linda French

11 Tips for Setting the Tone in Your Online Course - Faculty Focus | Faculty Focus - 2 views

  • The cliché that you only get one chance to make a first impression is especially true when you teach online. Each item you post—email, discussion message, announcement, etc.—must be created with much thought, and none is more important than the first post to your clas
  • Consider your audience.
  • Be sure to include the “uglies.
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  • Your first few lines should be inviting, warm, caring.
  • Welcome and encourage your students’ suggestions and involvement.
  • Address why the course is important beyond a grade or degree requirement.
  • Offer tips on how to do well in the course.
  • Choose your words carefully.
  • Make use of color, bolding, italics, etc.
  • Always end on a positive, upbeat note.
  • Before you post, read it one more time.
    Great and esay tips for setting positive tone in discussions.
    This gives a nice, basic overview for the very beginnings of a course. I see this as "gentle reminders" to the online instructor.
    These tips describe how to set the tone for online instruction. Following these tips can lead to initial and ongoing success as an online instructor.
Michele W.

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - 2 views

    This is a wonderful article on how to write effective online discussion questions. It also includes concrete examples of questions to illustrate the theory presented in the paper. The paper highlights student engagement in online learning
    This is a terrific resource and particularly apt for Module 3. I've added it to my E-Learning Magazine as well. Here is the link to all articles relating to discussion questions and facilitation:
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