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Sandy Madelung

Self paced learning - 8 views


Edmodo | Where Learning Happens | Sign up, Sign In - 4 views

    • Kait Sanford
      Edmoto is a great way to introduce students to online communities. It models Facebook, which could be dangerous if teachers are trying to create learning community and not just a social community. However, it is a great stepping stone into what online courses involve.
    • Rebecca Brink
      I agree that it models Facebook quite closely. I saw this as a perk in the light that it was easy for them to grasp how to use.
  • Where learning happens.
  • safely connecting in online classrooms, collaborating on assignments
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  • collaborating on assignments, discovering new resources
    Edmodo helps your students keep organized with homework, lesson notes, calendars, and teacher help. 
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    "Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential."
    I tried using this as a Learning Management System (LMS) a few years ago.  I was introduced to it through a Science Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Institute I attended.  I found it to be beneficial in aiding students with personal responsibility, by having information available at all times to access.  I moved away from using it when Google Documents became a feature for all of our students.  It was much easier to share that way.  We know use Haiku Learning that has many similar features but allows for Google Drive being linked.
    This is great for having class discussions that you want to be private, so that you as the teacher can facilitate the conversation.
    online outlet for student collaboration
    Students can take quizzes, share ideas, work on assignments and discover new resources.
    I would use this community tool for cooperative learning activities. The value of other perspectives from different backgrounds is paramount as students collaborate on a given topic.
Cassandra Gadouas

E Learning Industry - 0 views

    The leading source of information on E-learning. Information on courses, free books, jobs, and much more.

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 9 views

  • One common problem of student computer use in schools is access to student work from home. Not every school provides a way for students to access their school data. In such cases, if students create bookmarks at school, they will not have access from other computers.
  • Using Diigo, students can bookmark important websites and access them from school, home, the library or any internet-connected computer. Students will always have access to this data.
    • melissamcclure
      A good list of all the many uses of Diigo
    Clear description of why Diigo can be helpful in the classroom
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    After taking E-Learning for Educators I decided to try Diigo in a face to face course I work on. Many students have really appreciated it, especially those who don't own laptops and work from various school computers. For our two week term break we've asked each student to bookmark two articles with a short explanation why they have selected it as well as reesponding to at least one that someone else wrote as a way to encourage extensive reading. It has been fascinating to see the articles they are selected (these are Lao students preparing for university study in Australia) and their reactions to it. I've also set up a Diigo group for teachers at my school as a way to share articles that previous we'd print off or email around. Thank you E-learning for Educators for introducing me to this great tool!
    I should just add that I love getting the daily digest of updates from this group and often go directly to those articles, even if I don't always make it back to the group site.
    What a great idea to create a Diigo group for the teachers in your school. Yet another way to share and create a community with your fellow faculty members. Thanks for sharing!
    Creative Commons Photo courtesy of Michael Surran Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Here are just a few of the possibilities with Diigo: Save important websites and access them on any computer. Categorize websites by titles, notes, keyword tags, lists and groups.
    Creative Commons Photo courtesy of Michael Surran Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Here are just a few of the possibilities with Diigo: Save important websites and access them on any computer. Categorize websites by titles, notes, keyword tags, lists and groups.
Maggie Rouman

IQPC Learning TECH 2012 Conference-Chicago 4/23/12 - 0 views

    For K-12 & Higher Education Professionals This focus day has been designed to showcase emerging learning technologies and for attendees to be able to learn from leading education experts to take away practical implementation ideas within your own school or classroom. Apply these useful solutions and learn from our resourceful one-day track to enhance your expertise.
Maggie Rouman

Flipped Classroom A New Learning Revolution - 3 views

  • Flipped Classroom is an inverted method of instruction where teaching and learning take place online outside of the class while  homework is done in the classroom. Advocators of this approach believe that this is the ideal method of instruction in our digital age. They basically build their judgement on the following facts :
  • Flipped Classroom shifts the learning responsibility and ownership  from the teacher's hands  into the students'.  Students tend to perform better when they control when, where and how they learn. Teachers no longer dispense knowledge but rather guide and direct while students are the real active learners  Teachers create animated videos and interactive lessons and lectures and students access them at home in advance of class even. In this way all students can re-watch the video tutorials whenever they want. Classroom time can be geared towards data collection, collaboration, and application. Class becomes a place for students to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning. Flipped Classroom also "allows teachers to reflect on and develop quality and engaging learning opportunities and options for internalization, creation, and application of content rather than just fluff or time filling assignments."
    It's interesting how the concept of a "flipped classroom" is a "new" learning revolution. Has anyone heard of Kolb and experiential learning, or the Montessori method, or the work of Dewey? These "flipped classroom" theories have been around for years.
Maggie Rouman

Are We Wired For Mobile Learning? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Voxy Blog - 2 views

    I love this infographic!
Anne Boone

GoodReads - 1 views

    I love this web site for suggestions for great books to read for my book clubs. You type in titles or genres you or the kids have enjoyed in the past, and they give you recommendations. (think Pandora for books) I have two for my student book clubs and one for my personal reading pleasure. One thing I love is it will make a "book shelf" of hot reads in html code that can then be copied and pasted to your library web site so that kids can see suggested reading.
theresa savich

Learn It In 5 - Home - 9 views

  • What is Web 2.0? Learn it in 5 minutes or less   At Learn it in 5, you'll learn what is Web 2.0, and strategies for using Web 2.0 technology in the digital classroom - all in 5 minutes or less. Learn it in 5 is a powerful library of how-to videos, produced by technology teachers, for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today's 21st century's digital classroom. These step-by-step how-to videos walk teachers through Web 2.0 technology, demonstrating how to use Web 2.0 applications like blogs, social networks, podcasts, interactive videos, wikis, slide sharing and much more.
    Video site dedicated to short instructional tutorials for the technology classroom.  
    How-To videos that help you learn what is Web 2.0, and strategies for using Web 2.0 technology in the digital classroom - all in 5 minutes or less
Jennifer Saffell

Teaching Phonics | Alphabet CD | Phonics CD | Phonics DVD | Have Fun Teaching - 1 views

    Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Flash Cards, Songs, Videos, Fun Activites, Tools, and more! Great resource for teachers of younger children

Google Custom Search - ePortfolios - 4 views

    ePortfolios featuring the work of Dr. Helen Barrett Google custom search engine created by Mary Lock
Juan Garcia Araez

Symbaloo - 1 views

    Think of a slide tile desktop. Each tile can be linked to places on the Internet. Could be fun too create a collage of interesting sites, images, etc. Might make an interesting mashup of search results for an online assignment.
    Space to create your own PLN (Personal Learning Network)
Liz Franklin

Kathy Schrock's - Google Blooms Taxonomy - 0 views

    Cybrarian Kathy Schrock aligns all the Google Goodies to Blooms Taxonomy. A clever display with click through images to each of the Google tools.
Jenifer Melton

Jenifer Melton's E-Portfolio - 1 views

    Jenifer's E-Portfolio for Online Teaching
Dennis OConnor

MIXXER: Example of Social Networking with Learning Foreign Languages | Navigator - 0 views

  • Primary Url: Students learning another language can join a community in that language, where they will be exposed to conversational and colloquial reading and writing, learn about daily life, and establish friendships with native speakers. The MIXXER is a site devoted to helping language students find conversational partners and connecting them using voice-over- IP software.
Shandana Said

The Top Web-Based Education Resources - 0 views

    "Here is Wired News' selection of the best educational resources on the net." This site provides excellent links to some top on-line learning resources for students of all ages.
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