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HERICHE Mustapha

Nation - Wikipédia - 1 views

    Le sens moderne de nation est assez proche de celui de peuple, mais ajoute souvent l'idée d'État (souhaité, autonome ou indépendant)1. Ce terme n'est pas défini juridiquement, toutefois l'usage en politique internationale en fait un équivalent d'État souverain. Par exemple, la charte de l'ONU « fixe les droits et les obligations des États Membres » et « le Préambule de la Charte des Nations Unies exprime les idéaux et les buts communs de tous les peuples dont les gouvernements se sont réunis pour former l'Organisation des Nations Unies2 ».
Thanasis Priftis

About the Data - Mapping Police Violence - 0 views

    Law enforcement agencies across the country have failed to provide us with even basic information about the lives they have taken. And while the recently signed Death in Custody Reporting Act mandates this data be reported, its unclear whether police departments will actually comply with this mandate and, even if they do decide to report this information, it could be several years before the data is fully collected, compiled and made public. We cannot wait to know the true scale of police violence against our communities. And in a country where at least three people are killed by police every day, we cannot wait for police departments to provide us with these answers. The maps and charts on this site aim to provide us with the answers we need. They include information on 1,131 known police killings - including 1,067 arrest-related deaths (according to Bureau of Justice Statistics definitions) as well as 64 unintentional, off-duty and/or in-custody deaths - that occurred in 2014. They also include information on 1,080 police killings in 2013, 1,131 in 2015, 1,129 police killings in 2016 and 1,147 killings in 2017. 93 percent of the killings in our database occurred while a police officer was acting in a law enforcement capacity. Importantly, these data do not include killings by vigilantes or security guards who are not off-duty police officers.
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