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  • social interactive potential of large-scale peer-based learning
  • Each node that joins the network amplifies the network’s potential for peer learning and participation.
  • Content duplication, scaling, and reproduction are far better managed by technology. One recorded lecture can be seen a thousand times online without significant increase in expense. The content broadcast of any course can be opened and shared online fairly easily, using simple tools like Skype, ustream, or Elluminate. Duplicating content – where we are now with open educational resources is easy and cheap.

    The exciting and fascinating potential available to educators around the world today is to engage in social, participative, and networked learning with students and colleagues. Technology can facilitate this, but the social dimensions of learning are still best managed by humans. This is the exact model Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier and I are utilizing in open courses (we are hosting an upcoming open course on personal learning environments and networks …if you’re interested, you can sign up here). Open courses offer a model of learning that enables educators to utilize existing learning activities and distribute them across a network. Sugata Mitra has demonstrated the value of peer and self-directed learning in India. In online learning, I think my work with Cormier and Downes has similarly demonstrated how people in networks can help each other to learn, even when more that 2300 learners are involved (our CCK08 course).

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  • I can see no other model that provides the effectiveness of learning on a large enough scale to meet the current challenges in many of the worlds emerging economies. Traditional educational models simply cannot scale rapidly enough.
  • It will take no additional effort and time for us (Rita Kop, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier) if 500 or 5000 learners from Africa join our open course in September.
    Siemens analiza la posibilidad de los cursos abiertos u otros sist nuevos para cubrir las necesidades de países pobres para el desarrollo de los objetivos del milenio. Dice: dejar hacer a las tic y a las personas lo que hacen mejor respectivamente. Aún lo no leí pero me parece muy interesante...
Blanca Margarita Parra Mosqueda


    interesante para tomar en cuenta para la retroalimentación y para el desarrollo de la clase
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