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Nigel Coutts

Lessons from Schrödinger's Cat - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    There are some ideas which seem to translate nicely into fields of thought far from their point of origin. These are  ideas which shine a metaphorical light on concepts and allow us to develop a deeper understanding of that concept once we see it from a fresh perspective. Schrödinger's Cat is one such idea.
Dean Mantz

Teach for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 15 views

    FREE app for lesson plan development and recording. 
Dean Mantz

Projects By Jen -- WELCOME - 19 views

    Jennifer Wagner has developed a great collection of resources and lessons that promote inquiry based learning.
Jennifer Dorman

eSchoolNews - This fair-use guide offers copyright shelter - 0 views

    Created though a partnership among the Media Education Lab at Temple University, the Center for Social Media at American University (AU), and AU's Washington College of Law, with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the code identifies five principles of consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials, wherever and however it occurs: in K-12 schools, higher-education institutions, nonprofit groups that offer media-education programs for children and youth, and adult-education programs. 1. Employing copyrighted material in media-literacy lessons 2. Employing copyrighted material in preparing curriculum materials 3. Sharing media-literacy curriculum materials 4. Student use of copyrighted materials in their own academic and creative work 5. Developing audiences for student work
Fred Delventhal

History by Era | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - 12 views

    "History by Era" is the Institute's innovative new approach to our shared national history. At its core it is a collection of fifty individual introductions written by some of the most distinguished scholars of our day. It thus speaks to the reader not in one voice, but in fifty different, unique voices as each of these scholars interprets the developments, movements, events, and ideas of a particular era. Each Era follows the same template so that readers can move easily from one to another. An introduction to the time period is followed by essays by leading scholars; primary sources with images, transcripts, and a historical introduction; multimedia presentations by historians and master teachers; interactive presentations; and lesson plans and other classroom resources. Read an Introduction to History by Era from our senior editor, Carol Berkin, for more detailed information.
cheryl capozzoli

Free lesson plans, homework help and professional development for teachers, students an... - 0 views

    excellent resource for searching valuable instructional resources
Leslie Cash - 0 views

  • Recently Al Browne, Verizon Foundation Vice President, Educa...
    Thinkfinity (which is supported by Verizon only) provides educational resources, lesson plans and more. There are professional development opportunities within the website (e.g., workng with refugee families), though there is no information on the background of the presenters nor whether these reflect professional literature. Nevertheless, looks interestng.
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