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Denise Whiteman

LA Pets and Families Examiner: Best dog breeds for kids - 0 views

  • For the hyperactive familyPit Bull Pit bulls are loving, affectionate, loyal and like your ADHD tween, have a boatload of energy. Your kid and dog can wrestle and run for hours together. This breed has an innate ability to detect when aggression is necessary and when everything is okay.
  • For the outdoorsy familyLabrador RetrieverDoes your family get kicks from hiking, camping, and swimming in lakes? A lab will be able to keep up with the sportiest of families. Intelligent, loyal, lovable, and trainable, this breed loves to splash in water and play outside. Get this pooch his own Nalgene bottle and hit the trails.
  • For the big familyBearded Collie Are you rivaling Brangeilna with the number of kids in your house? Consider a bearded collie. This breed loves being around lots of people and its herding instincts will keep everyone in the same room. With a bouncy demeanor and constant tail wagging, the Bearded Collie will win the hearts of your entire brood. Best for families with a big yard.
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  • The apartment-dwelling familyWestland TerrierIf you’ve told your child time and time again, We have no room in our home for a dog! you could be wrong. The wee Westland Terrier needs no yard and very little space to be happy as can be. Your youngsters will be delighted by the westie’s love of play. Just make sure this dog gets a short walk every day.
  • For the couch potato familyMiniature poodleFace it. You don’t want to be seen at a dog park. And your kids are more into watching Star Wars over and over again than running around the yard. Poodles like walks now and then, but will not demand a lot of exercise. They simply like companionship and want to be included in all family activities, like watching Oprah or maybe a trip to your kid’s favorite cupcake stand.
    Excellent article on 5 breeds for kids - the Obamas have 2!
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