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Fake Spoof Websites social spoof sites historical spoof religious Fake political Fake sites - 9 views

    a pile of fake websites to evaluate and use for media literacy
Steve Ransom

Elsevier Published Fake Journals « The Scholarly Kitchen - 0 views

    According to the magazine The Scientist, the publishing giant Elseiver admitted to publishing six fake medical journals between 2000 and 2005.
victoria waddle

The 9 Worst Fake News Sites - 93 views

    The 9 worst fake news sites. Can be used in a lesson on digital-literacy or on how to check resources for research/website evaluation, etc.
Derek Hatch

Free Technology for Teachers: Most Popular Posts of the Year - #1, My Fake Wall - 166 views

    • Derek Hatch
      This allows students to create a fake Facebook-like wall. It has applications in SST and ELA. 
Kim Collazo

My Fake Wall - 120 views

    Great tool for kids to create fake Facebook pages for literary characters, scientists you're studying, historical figures, etc. Easy to use!!
Bob Rowan

Phishing Examples: Samples of Fake Emails Regarding PayPal, Chase, Visa, Etc. - 44 views

    Examples of fake email messages, used in phishing schemes. From Common Sense media Digital Citizenship curriculum

Fakebook - create a Fake social profile at (@classtools) - 93 views

    Create a fake profile for a fictional/historical character. site is improved and much easier to use.
    Create a fake profile for a fictional/historical character
Cindy Turner

Fake News: A Library Resource Round-Up - 70 views

    As librarians everywhere will attest, fake news is not new; fabricated stories have been presented as truth for centuries. But take a divided electorate and add a social media landscape where misinformation is shared with a click, and interest in the topic has soared.
Martin Burrett

BBC iReporter - 16 views

    An online resource which puts players in the heart of the newsroom to explore sources and make journalistic decisions and attempt to discover what is real and what is fake news.
Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Irish student's Wikipedia hoax dupes newspapers - 0 views

    An Irish student's fake quote on the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia has been used in newspaper obituaries around the world, the Irish Times reported. The quote was attributed to French composer Maurice Jarre who died in March. Shane Fitzgerald, 22, a final-year student studying sociology and economics at University College Dublin, told the newspaper he placed the quote on the website as an experiment when doing research on globalisation.
Thieme Hennis

Design lessons for programmers, curated by top designers | Hack Design - 2 views

    A free design course to encourage programmers/hackers into developing solid design skills, but most of the content is relevant to anyone wanting to improve their design skills (covers design in general including industrial design, web design, UX, etc). Some excellent resources are already available.
    "An easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things. Receive a design lesson in your inbox each week, hand crafted by a design pro. Learn at your own pace, and apply it to your real life work - no fake projects here."
Allison Hart

My Fake Wall - - 122 views

    Create a Fake Facebook Wall and use it to create a biography, historical fiction, or an autobiography. Students can be very creative.
    Anyone else having trouble uploading images to new Walls?? We could last week, but today get an HTML error... Anyone else?
    I have. I had to enter compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. There is a button next to the address bar that you click on. It looks like a broken page. Here is a screen shot. That seemed to do it.

Why Gen Z needs librarians now more than ever | eSchool News - 1 views

  • hey are very often the person responsible for introducing students to new technologies, and are also on the front lines when it comes to connecting students to meaningful sources for research.
  • such as increased access to inappropriate content and fake news.
    • mavisschipman
      Find some examples of fake news.
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