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Martin Burrett

Does a collaborative learning approach work for everyone? - 17 views

    "There's a good reason why universities have spent the last few years dedicating precious resources and time to fostering a collaborative learning environment. Students who are encouraged to participate in discussions, work cooperatively in small-group settings, and actively engage with their peers are believed to gain not only the cognitive skills needed to survive in the professional workplace but also the interpersonal ones needed to thrive. And for many, the approach seems to be working. But is it working for all students?"
Sheri Edwards

Teacher Magazine: Teaching Commission Pushes Collaborative Learning Teams - 23 views

    collaborative learning works for teachers
Laura Bowen

Cool Tools for Schools: Collaborative Tools - 18 views

    I'm reassured when I see a list and see that we are using some of the tools listed
    Extensive list of tools to used for digital collaboration
Janice Wilson Butler

Mind Map: Best Online Collaboration Tools 2009 - Robin Good's Collaborative Map - MindMeister - 4 views

    mind map of many collaboration tools
Jay Swan

Stixy - 2 views

    Digital bulletin boards. Collaborative. Digital Post-it notes. Great for a digital "parking lot." As the site says: "For Flexible Online Creation Collaboration and Sharing"
Randolph Hollingsworth

U. of Notre Dame Reports on Experiment to Replace Textbooks With iPads - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 35 views

  • replace traditional textbooks with iPads as part of a yearlong study by the university’s e-publishing working group into the use of e-readers
  • students were more connected in and out of the classroom
  • said that the iPad made it easier to collaborate and manage group projects
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Dropbox
  • Students lamented not being able to write in the margins of their assigned readings
  • computer-based final exam,
  • iAnnotate
    Research report emphasizing cultural change to iPad for e-reading sharing/collaborative work (e.g., Dropbox and iAnnotate) but online final exam still chose laptops (since not collaborative effort?)
Phil Brown

Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 - Robin Good's Collaborative Map - MindMeister Mind Map - 186 views

    Great mindmap
Mark McDonough

Diigo 101 - Student Learning with Diigo - 110 views

  • Diigo is much more than a simple web annotation or social bookmarking tool. It is an online research and collaborative research tool that integrates tags, digital highlights, interactive sticky notes, captured snapshots, and group-based collaboration, allowing a whole new process of online information management, learning, and teaching in the 21st Century.
    • terenceonline
      Good Summary of Diigo
  • My Network is a new Diigo social features that adds to the product's strength. My Network creates a "content-centric social network," in which people are connected by what they clip, tag, and highlight. Users will be able to collaborate with other users based not on who is a friend to whom, but rather by who is interested in what. My network delivers web content specifically tailored to a user interests and shows users with similar interest. Participation in a larger network is made possible with its community features that connects users with people with common interests; thus, building global communities around topics and knowledge, tags, and sites.
  • Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff (Diigo) is a powerful free social bookmarking website with annotating capabilities.
    • Mark McDonough
      Bold the first letters of the Diigo acronym: Digest, Internet, Information, ...
    Diigo is much more than a simple web annotation or social bookmarking tool. It is an online research and collaborative research tool that integrates tags, digital highlights, interactive sticky notes, captured snapshots, and group-based collaboration, allowing a whole new process of online information management, learning, and teaching in the 21st Century. 
    This is a great resource on Diigo and how to use.
Jennifer Garcia

a-better-world - home - 49 views

    Our 6th grade collaborative project with a focus on global issues. We are looking for schools to join us with the hopes of working on some collaborative lyrics in Google Docs, remixing audio tracks shared between schools and possibly a skype session. We are running the project 5 times this year for 6 weeks at a time. Email me if you are interested i taking part at one point.
Martin Burrett

A Web Whiteboard - 66 views

    A superb 'Must Try' HTML based collaborative whiteboard site. The tools are wonderfully simple. No log in required. Just share the page link to work collaboratively. Combine with a tool like Skype to share a lesson across classes, schools or even countries.

Wikis in the Classroom: Three Ways to Increase Student Collaboration - Faculty Focus | Faculty Focus - 200 views

    I've long said that professors who want to explore teaching with technology should begin with a social media tool rather than a Learning Management System. Web 2.0 tools are simple to use, invite student collaboration, and are usually less administratively clunky and complex than an LMS.One of the easiest and most powerful tools is the regular old wiki. Wikis are simply web pages that can be edited by their users. Instead of only carrying content from the administrator, they harness the power of crowdsourcing to create a powerful communal resource.
jodi tompkins

Simple private real-time sharing and collaboration by - 19 views

    Online shared collaboration space. Can share photos, video, audio, documents, etc. It is private, you have to give out the name of the web address for others to view. You can set it for your guest to have or not have a password in order for them to collectively collaborate on the project. It is in real time.

Social Media and the Professional Learning Community - Networks, Collaboration & Communication | resourcelinkbce - 2 views

    The research has been clear and consistent for over 30 years-collaborative cultures in which teachers focus on improving their teaching practice, learn from each other, and are well led and supported by school principals result in better learning for students. Fullan, M. (n.d.). Learning is the Work. Retrieved from

Wikispaces - Wikis for Teachers - 85 views

    • hollandchris
      Wikispaces is a power online collaborative tool.  Giving students the opportunity to collaborate on assignments is something I have been looking to expand on in my lessons.  I want to allow collaborative opportunities for my students, as it is a skill that will be necessary in their post secondary endeavors.  Wikispaces seems to be just what I have been looking for.  Wikispaces will allow for accountable online collaboration that I can easily direct and moderate.
    free, private, secure space for educators
    Free space to set up your class WIKIs. Excellent place for class collaboration and organization. One of those "I can't do without this" tools.
Roland Gesthuizen

25 Ways Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues | Edudemic - 20 views

  • A growing criticism of the American education system is that teachers spend too much of their time distanced from their colleagues (a recent survey found that teachers spend just 3% of their school day collaborating with other teachers), encouraging competition rather than collaboration, and making it difficult for teachers to work together to solve educational and institutional issues.
    "..there are many ways that teachers can reach out and connect with their colleagues and build a more collaborative atmosphere in their schools. We've come up with just a few here.."
BalancEd Tech

Not Just A Teacher: Collaboration - 2 views

    Collaboration vs Cooperation
alexis alexander

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration - 271 views

    really great resource for collaborative work in and out of the classroom
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Timelines - Learn, Collaborate, Discover History - 70 views

    Learn about history with this collaborative webpage.
Carl Bogardu

RealtimeBoard | Online collaboration whiteboard - 87 views

    Online collaboration with Google apps
Nigel Coutts

Learning to love teach meets - The Learner's Way - 13 views

    There is a growing momentum in education driven by a desire to share our practice and learn from our colleagues. Increasingly teachers are finding ways to break free of their classrooms and share their ideas. Collaborations in the interests of unlocking the collective potential of the profession are spreading within and importantly between schools. For many these collaborative endeavours and desires are satisfied by online communities but for many the possibility for a face to face conversation is more alluring.
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