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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Scott Kinkoph

Scott Kinkoph

BYOD: Increase Chances for Success! - 44 views

started by Scott Kinkoph on 22 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
  • Scott Kinkoph
    1.  Should be a set of minimum specs
    2.  For kids who can't afford it, some places give kids a Chromebook

    What do you with kids who don't bring, or don't have the BYOD?
    Teacher training?  Offer ongoing, long term support.
    Network security?  Bringing in devices that can bring the network down.  A separate network for BYOD
    What about 3G or 4G where the network isn't needed?
    Equity among students?  Fundraisers to earn the device, and every family to get insurance on device and the family takes care of all of the repairs.
    Does BYOD really save money?  Bandwidth, infrastructure, and training all has to take place.  

    3 things to help plan for BYOD
    1.  research
    2.  planning tools
    3.  additional resources

    1.  Horizon Reports
    2.  Speak Up Reports

    Planning Tools
    1.  There will always be issues
    2.  MILE Guide Self-Assessment Tool-Partnership for 21st Century Skills
      >Implementation Guiding Recommendations
      >P21 Framework
    3.  Participatory Learning-Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)
      >Acceptable use policies in the Web 2.0 era
      >Leading with Web 2.0
      >Learning with Web 2.0
      >Transformative leadership with Web 2.0

    4.  One-to-One 2.0
    BYOD should be considered across the district starting at grade 5
    Buy a laptop and give to every freshman
    Tell parents what they have to buy
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