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Contents contributed and discussions participated by D Murray

D Murray

Ralph Tyler's Little Book - 43 views

  • The belief at the time was that schools should require strong discipline and that "children should not talk to one another; all communication should be between the teacher and the class (Tyler, 1975)."
  • War I, as it soon would be called, would have a dramatic effect on education
  • Following the introduction of the Army's intelligence test, a "Testing Movement" in education, became established and spread throughout the United States
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  • He saw testing and "the holes in testing for memorization"
  • as a problem to study for life
  • The most important and comprehensive curriculum experiment ever carried on in the United States..."
  • This methodology engages the student in a number of projects. The projects he defined as "a purposeful activity carried to completion in a natural setting
  • most famous work was his "little" book Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction
  • What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? How can learning experiences be selected which are likely to be useful in attaining these objectives? How can learning experiences be organized for effective instruction? How can the effectiveness of learning experiences be evaluated?
  • The fifth and final section describes "How a school or College staff may work on curriculum building."
  • do not have clearly defined purposes
  • 1. Establish broad goals or objectives.2. Classify the goals or objectives.3. Define objectives in behavioral terms.4. Find situations in which achievement if objectives can be shown.5. Develop or select measurement techniques.6. Collect performance data.7. Compare performance data with behaviorally stated objectives.
  • education as "an active process
  • It involves the active efforts of the learner himself."
  • The first of these was through direct instruction
  • Tyler's greatest gift to the field of education was the development of an objectives-based evaluation model.
  • "the father of behavioral objectives.
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