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Contents contributed and discussions participated by acarraro


Intrinsic Locks and Synchronization (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes ... - 3 views

  • When a thread releases an intrinsic lock, a happens-before relationship is established between that action and any subsequent acquisition of the same lock.
    • acarraro
      Come un commit di una transazione
  • When a thread invokes a synchronized method, it automatically acquires the intrinsic lock for that method's object and releases it when the method returns. The lock release occurs even if the return was caused by an uncaught exception.
  • what happens when a static synchronized method is invoked
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  • public void addName(String name) { synchronized(this) { lastName = name; nameCount++; } nameList.add(name); }
  • Allowing a thread to acquire the same lock more than once enables reentrant synchronization.

Host to Host through a Router - Practical Networking .net - 7 views

    • acarraro
      Why shouldn't the router use some kind of Default Route in this case?
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