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Martin Burrett

Bilingual children learn other languages easier - 15 views

    "It is often claimed that people who are bilingual are better than monolinguals at learning languages. Now, the first study to examine bilingual and monolingual brains as they learn an additional language offers new evidence that supports this hypothesis, researchers say. The study, conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center and published in the journal Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, suggests that early bilingualism helps with learning languages later in life."
Stephanie Dhonau

Hearing Bilingual - How Babies Tell Languages Apart - - 2 views

    More popular press on the flexibility of the young bilingual brain
Derrick Grose

Bilingual Books Promote Metis Culture and Heritage - 13 views

    Randal McIlroy brings Derrick Grose up-to-date on Pemmican Publications and its efforts to promote Metis language and culture through bilingual books in English and Michif.
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