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paul lowe

NMC Discussion - Digital Ethnography - 1 views

    mike wesc purpose driven research project on anonymity kansas uni ethnography/social anthropology on web 2.0 trends
paul lowe

Mediated Cultures: Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University - 1 views

    Mediated Cultures: Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University netvibes site for mike wesch's course using rss feeds etc
Brett Costin

Classroom Architect - 8 views

    Very easy, quick way to design your room arrangement. Able to quickly try several different designs before you start actually moving the furniture in your room
    Fun way for students to design classroom.
    Fun way for students to design or redesign the classroom.
Maggie Tsai

YouTube - Teacher feedback with Diigo - 5 views

  • Diigo social bookmarking and annotation is very effective for teachers to provide student feedback to online work, and supports student responses and comments to each other.
    The author of this video JD Travers ends his video presentation by saying "There's a lot more to Diigo than this little Trick". He's so right! But as tricks go, this is very clever. Travers shows us how you can use Diigo and Google Groups to create an interactive discussion board. As a power-searcher and e-learning teacher I see great possibilities with this approach.
    That's a fantastic idea! I've tended to have my students publish on sites that allow for comments so students and I could give feedback. Now, I won't be limited by this.....
Andrew Williamson

Split Three Ways - 1 views

    Awesome, informative, loads of stuff on teaching ICT and music education in primary schools.
Bronwyn Davies

20 Ways to use Twitter in Teaching - 0 views

    Examples for K-12 students
Ed Webb

Paperless Tiger « buckenglish - 0 views

  • Does this jettisoning of time-honored titles mean that the paperless classroom is also lacking a creator, controller and grader?  Is the paperless classroom also a teacherless paradigm?  The answer is in some regards, yes.  I have removed myself from center stage.  I have relinquished the need to control every class.  I have stopped seeing work as stagnant…completed and submitted by students and then graded by me.  I have let go of my need to pre-plan months at a time, in favor of following the path that unfolds as we learn together.  My classes are not, however, teacherless, just less about the teaching and more about the learning.  The students know that I am ready and willing to be student to their insights, that they can teach, create, control and even evaluate their own learning.
  • In the absence of my control, the students have many choices to make
  • Teachers often say that modern students are lazy.  I have long felt that as the shifting winds of technology began to gain force, we teachers were the ones who were unwilling to do the work of rethinking our roles and meeting the students were they were learning already.  Rethinking paper as the primary tool of class is a step in the right direction because it forces a rethinking of the how and why of teaching and learning.
Kent Gerber

Can I have your half-attention, please? : Macleans OnCampus - 0 views

  • While some professors seek to exclude the devices from the classroom, others are creating multimedia-rich curricula in which students can draw on online resources and interact with each other. Banning laptops is just plain wrong, according to Don Krug, associate professor at UBC’s department of curriculum studies. He says students are adults, and the best a professor can hope for is a “respectful learning environment,” where students limit their own behaviour. “If they really want to learn the information, they will. They’re paying a lot of money,” he says. “We’re better off teaching them how to be responsible learners.”
    • Kent Gerber
      Shows two polar solutions to laptop problems: total ban & adapting curricula to include multi-media interaction. Also presents respectful learning environment as best course for students who are adults.
    Article that mentions teacher's frustrations with laptops and various coping strategies.
Nicole Hill

The Price is Right: Free Educational Resources - 2 views

    This is a list of some of the resources that are available for free that could enhance your instruction. From Pete&C presentation
Beth Still

Social Media Classroom - 1 views

    Centralized location for using all sorts of collaborative social media tools.
John Evans

21st Century Pedagogy | 21st Century Connections - 1 views

  • How we teach must reflect how our students learn. It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world which is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasise the learning in the 21st century.
    • John McMillen
      One paragraph, very simple and staright forward but very powerful.
    • John Evans
      Absolutely. I think most teachers are doing a good job with sentence one. It's the second statement that we need to attend to!
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