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Keith Dennison

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started by Keith Dennison on 12 Sep 10
  • Keith Dennison
    Hi, All.

    I hope that you are well, and greetings from New Jersey! I am a high school educator reaching out to the world for feedback and assistance with Web 2.0, formative assessments, summative assessments, "what works in classrooms" and anything else you can share with me to make me a better teacher.

    I am currently looking for feedback to a blog idea I have and on some general ideas I have for my 1920s U.S. History unit. I have things and my thinking posted at If you'd be so kind as to stop by and check it out I'd be grateful. I am new to all of this and appreciate anything! And I can take criticism, too. (Just try to be as kind as possible, though!)

    Keith Dennison (kdennis78)
    Hunterdon Central Regional High School
  • Keith Dennison
    Hey, Melissa!

    Fantastic. Anything you want to comment on is great. How are you using glogster formatively and weebly summatively?
  • Melissa Stager
    Hi Keith,

    At some point in the unit we are doing I have each student create a glog showing how all of the pieces we have covered so far fit together. They grab information from youtube, add documents, add websites, and give a summary statement. It is not very in-depth as they can throw it together quickly, but it does give me an idea of where they are that I can check on-line. Glogster gives free accounts to your first 100 students.

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