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khirnhup yeo

Diigo now less useful - 142 views


started by khirnhup yeo on 06 Sep 10
  • Owen Daily
    It is a great shame.
  • Marie Hagan
    Just noticed it- thanks for alerting me to it- I wonder what there reason is, and why the didn't alert us themselves!
  • Ann Lusch
    I am not understanding this. I have a bookmark that says "no cached" in August, followed by many that are cached. On Sept. 3, one of each. When did the new policy get implemented?

    And could someone explain to me why it is much less useful if the sites are not cached? It seemed to me that the "no cached" and the cached sites were retrieved equally well when I tested just now. I have to admit I don't understand all the technological aspects.
  • khirnhup yeo
    Caching pages is useful for those sites that, for instance, require passwords to gain access to. With the cache (or snapshot) feature, Diigo captures a "photograph" of a page for any user who is able to access the page through a password. This snapshot may then be shared so that even those without password access may view the page. This is just one example use of caching, and there are other uses as well.
  • Ann Lusch
    Thanks, I think I get it now. This will definitely affect how and if I use Diigo in the classroom anymore. I encourage my students to use the subscriptions services our school has and not just depend on the web. If they can't bookmark to those sites, no point in using Diigo. I've been a Diigo cheerleader around here, but it hasn't spread. I will have to think about whether it's worth it to ask the school to pay.
  • Florence Dujardin
    Thanks for pointing out this change. I too have been a 'cheerleader' for Diigo, but if password-protected documents cannot be easily used, I'll have to make a decision about Diigo. Pity.
  • timcanty
    Looks like the move to version 5 also includes a Premium (paid) level. $5 a month/ $40 a year will likely bump many off Diigo bandwagon. They added the Educators console in the free educators account which allows teachers to make accounts for their students, and keep those accounts private. This may soften the blow a bit, but I'm really also going to miss the capture and annotate images at the free level.
  • Ann Lusch
    I have to do some testing (when I have time!). With our subscription service we already had to seek out the "persistent URL" in order to get a working bookmark on Diigo, so it's possible that will still work even if the site is not cached.
  • Ann Lusch
    I did my test, and bookmarks still seem to work with our subscription site (with password) if I follow the same procedure as before in using what now seems to be called the "document URL" and I have heard called in the past the "persistent URL."
  • khirnhup yeo
    There is a neat solution to the caching problem and it can be found at .

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