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Patricia Marcino

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started by Patricia Marcino on 07 Oct 15
  • Patricia Marcino
    Hi All in EDUC 8844,

    I have used many multi-media tools over the past years both in my Masters class, at school with elementary and middle school students. I have also used different tools in this course as well previous courses at Walden.

    The tools I have chosen to use for my project are: Wiki, Slide share, Blog, Prezi, Chart Gizmo and Excel. I have expressed the use of these and others for students who would sign up for my course Application of Learning Theories in Technology. I chose these for ease of use in that each is user friendly in case there may students who are not familiar with some of the web 2.0 tools.

    I will probably utilize You Tube for my video presentations and one of the pod cast apps for the Lecturette portions of my projject.

    What tools are you using for your project?


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