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Kim Schafer

Class group as friends - 44 views

started by Kim Schafer on 11 Mar 09
  • Kim Schafer
    When I went to set up my class as a group it would not allow me the option to make them all automatically friends. Is there a new place where this option is? How can I make my class group friends with each other?
  • Christine Draper
    This is my question, also, but I see it has been unanswered since March of 2009! Oh no!
  • Michelle Rohrer
    I am also curious about the friends option. I am wondering if you need to make your kids friends, since my students will be working on this activity together in the same room I don't think that I need them to be friends. I'm concerned that I am not able to see/moderate the messages that are sent between students, which would be necessary in a 4th grade classroom. I'd love feedback on this, since I want to begin using diigo with my students when school starts.

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