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Lyn Lord

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Games and classrooms. Authentic assessments.

started by Lyn Lord on 02 Dec 16
  • Lyn Lord

    We are excited to announce the launch of the educational consulting partnership Circuitboard Education, LLC at . Circuitboard Education, CBE, is a consulting and design team devoted to helping educators incorporate both analog and digital games into their classrooms. Our belief is that games provide sublime yet unexplored opportunities to help students develop a suite of critical skills while still delivering content for a 21st century pedagogy. Creating lessons and projects around any kind of game or technology requires time and patience, two luxuries that teachers do not have. We are a team that takes the time and guesswork out of games in order to help teachers and schools design, refine and implement curricula around games and digital technologies.

    Our partnership consists of Lyn Lord, a high-school educator with over 20 years of classroom experience,Felix Ackerman, a former student of Lyn’s and an analytical, new-media specialist, and Dr. Kes Schroer, an instructional design specialist at Dartmouth College. Together we have experience taking projects from the spark of an idea to a smooth classroom experience. We look forward to using our knowledge and experience to improve your classroom experience for you and your students!

    Please take a look and contact us to give any feedback at

    We greatly appreciate it! This is not just a business, this is a movement!

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