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Joe Hirsch

Best platform for sending weekly video updates to parents? - 132 views

started by Joe Hirsch on 15 Jul 15
  • Joe Hirsch
    Looking for a simple but elegant platform to send home weekly "vlogs" to parents (instead of the traditional newsletter). Something like MailChimp...would allow me to post a video recap of the week, along with some links to digital content.

    Ideas appreciated!
  • Jesse Thorstad
    If you use Google+, you could start a Community for your classroom. There's no easier way to quickly share pictures, video, and such! You can record video right to your community without even needing to upload anything.
  • gaby eyzaguirre
    Have you tried MoveNote?
    It is a presentation tool but it would work I think. Hope it helps
  • Julie Garber
    How about creating a playlist in YouTube and then sending the newest link out to parents phones via
  • gschott
    Not sure about the links, but I like to use Jing for short clips.
  • Paul Klym
    What about using the free version of Screencast-O-Matic. You can then publish it to You Tube or Teacher Tube. You may even create your own channel on either one.

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