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Craig Dunlap

Banned Unless Required - 59 views


started by Craig Dunlap on 21 Oct 14
  • Craig Dunlap
    I'd love to hear thoughts on this article. Are we wise to allow students to use tech in class or do we tuck devices away unless the assignment requires them?
  • awcarlsonm
    This opinion is rather obvious to me. Utilizing technology when it is an effective learning tool is smart. Trying to compete with distractions when other teacher methods are called for is ill-advised! As a high school teacher, I have a little more control over the situations
  • Hollie Giannaula
    I did not have a chance to read the article but I had a comment in general. I observed a 1st grade classroom that had a great solution. They were 1:1 and the students owned their iPads (they took them home at night). The classroom was organized in centers. In the center of each table was a basket. When the activity or lesson was not iPad related, all pads went in the basket. She had worked with the students on procedure for about 6 weeks at the beginning of school and her classroom flowed flawlessly. The students were able to tell me about their experience with "iPad Jail" if the device was used inappropriately.
  • Rafael Morales_Gamboa
    I think you should read the comments to the article ;-) I would say that if we apply old test to new behaviours the latter may get worse results than previous behaviours tailored to meet the tests. Furthermore, if Internet is so distracting, and our students are going to lived in an Internet-ised world the rest of their lives, should not be training them to be better users of it rather than artificially isolate them?
  • tom campbell
    I think the most salient point is to create learning experiences that captivate students and are compelling so that they use the devices as a way to learn what they want to learn.

    It's about the instructional design of the lesson or unit, not the technology. If the overall design is deficient, the tech lets students wander.

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