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Yoni Blumberg

Diigo Bookmark Sync w/ Browser(s) or xmarks? - 309 views

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started by Yoni Blumberg on 11 Jan 10
  • Yoni Blumberg
    Does anyone know of any way to (or plans to make it possible to) sync Diigo with multiple browsers or, better yet, xmarks. I would really like to do this if possible.

    I realize making Diigo interface with other organizational systems might be challenging or pose some serious problems but I would find the ability to organize en mass (I have about 800+ bookmarks I still need to tag and sort) much more quickly and efficiently. (Perhaps an underlying request in this is a file system or hierarchical organization, if not in Diigo then in xmarks since they already have it.)

    Just in advance of some responses I am expecting, the existing method of syncing with delicious through the toolbar is not an example of what I am asking for because it does not do a two way sync and only adds to delicious when you bookmark using the toolbar (which, for me, is only available when I am using firefox). Nor does keeping it in sync with the local bookmarks in browser because that too is not a real sync since it only adds to the bookmark folder on my computer and does not download the ones I already have in Diigo, ones I add in the future from another browser, or upload things I bookmark locally (though the uploading thing I don't mind). To fix all of these through Diigo would be very hard individually but if we organized an interface with xmarks that would be able to handle all of these tasks.

    Finally, I believe this is an issue I need to take to xmarks as a way for them to reach a far larger user base and attract many Diigo members who are in love with the annotation, storage, sorting, and sharing features of Diigo but also want to see their bookmarks in all browsers etc.
    I just thought I'd post it here first and see if any resourceful users of Diigo had figured out a work around to accomplish the same thing.
  • Joe Benfield
    big bump...I love Diigo's annotation features and xmarks sync features and zotero's bibliography features. Basically, whoever syncs with others or adds the others' features first, wins!

    I know a lot of people are big search/tag fans, and I like them too, but hierarchical organization right in my browser bars/menus is just a lot faster for me. When I want to browse or need to find something specific fast, it's just faster for me to drill down. That's just me, but I know others are the same.
  • Yoni Blumberg
    I agree with Joe. Like I said before, I have too many bookmarks still untagged and it's too slow to organize them using Diigo's interface. Also, even though I have the option to keep a local copy checked off (so that each new bookmark is added to firefox) it doesn't save the tags I add unless I add them right away (which I never have time to do). I add bookmarks with the one-click read later tool and then add them in Diigo when I get time, but these new changes are never synced with anything :-(

    I know Diigo is working on improving it's API and I hope it can work to make 2-way sync possible.

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