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Yoni Blumberg

Diigo Bookmark Sync w/ Browser(s) or xmarks? - 308 views

I agree with Joe. Like I said before, I have too many bookmarks still untagged and it's too slow to organize them using Diigo's interface. Also, even though I have the option to keep a local copy c...

diigo xmarks sync export import bookmark browsers API firefox toolbar delicious feature request

Johan Kock

Personal 'hide member' like 'flag spammer' - 20 views

It is quite odd. Now and then when I try to open Diigo I am informed that I am a Spammer A little later when I try again I am not a Spammer. Is it possibly that I use Swedish and Finnish in my ad...

spam privacy ban

Graham Perrin

Submit feature in post title - avoid lists - 7 views

Now in Diigo 4.0 beta the original author of a topic gains the ability to edit the title and tags of their topic. Cross reference: * Can't correct the subject of a message/conversation * Adding...

forum posting advice

Graham Perrin

ideas for diggo groups and bookmarking - 23 views

> several groups at once Cross reference simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups in Diigo Community.

diggo group categorize bookmark share request

Graham Perrin

Clipmarks-style clipping - 9 views

I mean the way Clipmarks shows frames and lets you clip not only linear highlighted text but elements like headers, paragraphs etc.

Graham Perrin

Bookmark search - 10 views

On the Dashboard, but more importantly, on the Bookmarks landing page you need to be able search for a text phrase not just a tag. I would prefer the same input box as the tag filter but at a minim...

Graham Perrin

Better Safari Integration - 10 views

The main reason I used Firefox was the Delicious integration. I am tired of Firefox opting for Safari on the Mac and Chrome on Win 7. I like what diigo has to offer but I would like an integrated m...

Graham Perrin

Feature request - delete note and ban user - 10 views

See also

ban spam control

Graham Perrin

MUST HAVE - hide public highlights and notes - 43 views

Cross reference

Graham Perrin

I would like to remove sticky notes - 21 views

> I already requested this feature Cross reference

Graham Perrin

1st Post - 13 views

Apologies for a long silence. For a few months, I disabled e-mail subscriptions for a vast majority of groups, allowing me to focus on Diigo Community. (There was simply too much e-mail in my Inbox...


Michèle Drechsler

diigo, socialbookmarking and Education - 7 views

socialbookmarking survey

started by Michèle Drechsler on 21 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Ideas for the Dashboard page - 9 views

Was just thinking I would use the dashboard a bit more if: # When hovering the 'More' links be able to get information (specially if there's nothing more to see, get a tooltip saying 'no more grou...

Dashbord feature request

Graham Perrin

Images or HTML(links) in annotations - 11 views

> Last time I just put the link to the image in a note but it's a > text link If you review the note in it should be presented as a hyperlink.

image feature request html links sticky notes annotation

KARR 4.0 !

Diigo User 's Feature Requests ( i Cope Paste Here :) - 7 views

davido T wants: mashup with page-change monitor like Site Delta or Watch That Page? He Says: a feature suggestion: use SiteDelta, a Firefox add-in to watch pages for changes. So I...

diigo annotation annotate pdf support user

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