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Nikki Fry

What tips do you have to share to help get over writer's block? - 40 views

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started by Nikki Fry on 08 Feb 12
  • Nikki Fry
    Topic #1, to get us started.
    What do you do when you don't know where to go with your story?
  • Leigha Nortier
    I read! Reading other people's work inspires me but also clears my head and it feels like a fresh start when I do begin to write again . Sometimes when I can't think of "what happens next" or "where is my writing even going", I will make a list of possibilities for myself and these ideas will lead to more ideas and eventually I am back on track. I even look back on old writing of my own and steal ideas from the past me :)
  • Dylan Stump
    I play games! Really! I just need some time away before continuing. Sometimes I just need a few minutes, but other times I may need an hour or so. If games don't help I might listen to music or take a quick nap. Taking your mind off of it for a while will allow you to have fresh ideas when you come back. Sometimes, what you did to take your mind off writing could influence or give you new ideas for where to go when you're stuck!
  • Nikki Fry
    Often, I listen to music and imagine what my characters would be doing if they listened to that song, or what they'd be doing RIGHT NOW, if they were alive. I take my characters out of the story, and imagine them as real people. If that doesn't help, I look at where I want the story to go eventually, and work backwards from there. I come up with as many different scenarios as I can, then write them all out as far as I can think of.
  • Michael Millington
    I go for long walks when I feel like I have a block in my writing. I also try to write something everyday. I know it seems a bit off to talk about writing when one has writer's block, but I was reading an interview with George R. R. Martin and his suggestion for up and coming writers was to write something everyday, no matter what it is. Being able to write is like exercising a muscle and sometimes it gets strained. Therefore, if you work it out on a regular basis you should be able to have shorter bouts of writer's block. You might even be able to clear out enough fog to eliminate writer's block altogether.
  • Scott Crisp
    Really, the best way to get rid of writer's block is just freelance write. I feel that is the best way, just write whatever comes to your mind, and turn the editor off inside.
  • William Kidd Jr
    I have found that when I just sit down and write what ever thoughts come to mind, I can get pages. I believe if I write enough i'll write things I wasn't even aware were upstairs. I guess that would be what is called automatic writing.

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